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song added automatically to liked list

song added automatically to liked list

Every time I log in Spotify app on Windows 10 (all pc not one in particular), If Martin Garrix posted a new song on Spotify, it's automatically added to my liked list.

I already checked the connected App and nothing seems to interfere with that, also the logged in devices, (they are all mine).

this is very annoying with the fact that I have nothing to do with Martin Garrix.

Thanks for your support.
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Hi there @ZouZZou,


Thank you for reaching out to the Community. This seems odd. Let's take a closer look into this.


Just to confirm, can you let us know if this only occurs with Martin Garrix?

We'll be on the lookout for your reply.



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As far as I Know yes, this is at least the one that happen the more frequently.


thanks for working on this case.

Hey @ZouZZou,


Thanks for your reply. 


Could you tell us for how long you've seen this behavior? Also, let us know if you've noticed any other change on your account (playlists changes/created).


Lastly, we suggest that you log out everywhere. You'll find this option by scrolling down here.


We'll keep an eye on your next answer. 

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Hey @AndresM,


Thanks for answering my topic.


this has been there for a long time, but I discovered Spotify Community not so long ago (3 weeks) and as I see some topics with this weird behavior from 2019 without any resolution (yet) as I still have this issue on my account, I decided to open one to get more info on that.


My account is not so old, (from November 2017 if i recall correctly), and I discovered it like in mid-2018,


during that time, I was listening a lot on my windows laptop, and it was then happening a lot more frequently then the 2 following years (from 2019 to 2021) where I was only using it on my smartphone.


this last year (mid 2021- now), I started again to listen to spotify on a windows laptop (different then the previous one) and I saw those songs started to come again in my liked list.


I checked any properties/follow/relation that I could have on spotify with that Artist but nothing seems to be the root cause of this behavior.


I usually log out from current logged in devices, I did it recently (october 2021) and the behavior was still there.


As I say, this is only happening when I use Spotify on a windows laptop. I never get that issue while using it on Android/iOS

Hey @ZouZZou,


Thanks for the extensive description of the issue.


Could you give those steps a try, so we can exclude the possibility of your account being compromised? 


Keep us posted. Cheers!

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