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using phone as remote for windows 10 desktop that's always on.

using phone as remote for windows 10 desktop that's always on.







oneplus 3 T and HP microserver

Operating System

 Android and Windows 10


My Question or Issue:

I have a little server at home which runs as a plex server and a couple of other bits of software including spotfiy connect and it's kept on all the time.  


The issue I have is if left unatteneded for a few hours spoitify connect on the server becomes unavaible as a source (when using the phone as the remote control) even when on the same network. I have tested this while with the Antivirus and firewall were off and the result is the same. 


I then have to log onto the server close and restart the Spotify app and i'm back in business, but this drives me nuts everytime and defy the hole point of this setup. 


This is in stark contrast to the horid sounding Amzon echo dot I have which seems to be available without any issue whenever. 


The whole idea behind this server is I shoud never have to log onto the server unless I really need to and its the only bit of software that does this everything else works like a dream on this server. 


What do I need to do to keep spotify up and working on the server ?




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