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Cannot listen to BBC podcasts

Cannot listen to BBC podcasts







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 I cannot play any podcasts from the BBC yet in the past I could. In the last week I can see new podcasts being added, but I cannot listen to them or older ones. When I click on an episode, I receive an error message saying that the 'song is unavailable.' I am able to listen to all other podcasts. I am based in the UK so I should be able to listen to them. I use the online version of spotify through a desktop computer.

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Hey @hellocheese


Thank you for your question regarding podcasts not being played. I’d like to help.


My first question would be, how long is the podcast you are trying to listen to? If they are too long, the web based version might not be able to play them. I would reccomend downloading the desktop app with the link below. Hope this helps!


-davidcola 🙂 

Hello @davidcola

The podcasts I listen to vary in length from 20 to 50 minutes. However, I am able to listen to podcasts of the same length from different sources. I cannot download the desktop app as I listen to the podcasts through a computer that doesn't support apps.

If they are as long as 20+ minutes, the files might be too hefty for the web version. If you are unable to download the desktop app, the last thing I can reccomend is using the Spotify smartphone app if you have a smartphone. Unfortunately, without a premium subscription this means not being able to choose your episodes. Let me know if you have any further questions. 🙂



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