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Searching for new songs: Can't pick song after sorting columns

Searching for new songs: Can't pick song after sorting columns






Operating System

Windows 10


My Question or Issue

I've noticed a pretty messed up thing today.

I'm on desktop currently, and I'm looking up new songs now in any playlists I have, so I search and find results, just like usual.

I get a huge list of songs and I can click them and listen to them just as I'm supposed to be able to.

But... it's a bit messy, so I click on Artist, or Title or something, to sort the search results... and suddenly Ican't choose what song to play. If I click a song another starts playing, just like when you are on a free account playing from your own playlist.

But... I'm on Premium, and it only happens when I search for new songs NOT in my playlists.

I've tried poking around, and indeed works as intended in other places.

If I sort and filter my playlists I can still play the chosen songs, as intended.

But... when searching for songs, why is that so utterly broken?


If I'm scrounging for new songs to add to my playlist I want to be able to listento them before I add them, and then I want to be able to sort the search results in either artists or title so it's easier to spot different songs when you have many results. And I mean, the option is there, but it doesn't work.

I also noticed that after I'ce sorteda column the only way to get back to unsorted is to search again, I can't do like with my own lists where I just click onthe column sorting until it's off.


This bug (definetely not a feature) is making it really hardfor me to find new songs. Please look into this asap. ❤️

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Hey @s0lstickan, welcome to the Community.

Hope you're doing great!


Are you having the same issue as the both users in this thread?

If you do, please add your details in the link the in the second post.

Hope it helps!


P.S. Please post in the relevant boards 🙂

Not the same as the main topic. Goinginto an artist works as intended. However, all the commenters seems to have a similar issue in the search area. I'll add details there thank you.

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