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Troubleshooting Lyrics


This FAQ is separated into two different sections that hopefully cover everything. If not, make sure to follow the steps at the end of this FAQ!


Issues with the content of lyrics 

Lyrics are provided via a third-party service that differs from region to region. You can usually find the provider on the bottom of the Lyrics tab.
If you're having troubles with the content of the lyrics or if they’re out of sync, we'd recommend first checking with the lyrics' provider to report this.

Keep in mind that lyrics will only display in the language that the song is sung in. They cannot be translated.


I can't see lyrics


Right now, lyrics are still being rolled out for everyone and will hopefully be with you soon! 

If you've already had lyrics on your account before try these steps:
Make sure that you're not on Offline Mode. More info on this here.

We've made a testing playlist with a handful of tracks that should contain lyrics. 

Try checking if you can view the lyrics on any of the tracks in there:
If you can, then the track you’re listening might not have lyrics available.
If you can’t, then try some basic troubleshooting on the affected device like:


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