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Unlink Facebook

How do I unlink spotify from my facebook accout. I keep trying to delete my facebook page but everytime I log into spotify it reactivates it.

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Re: Unlink Facebook

Spotify now requires an active Facebook account in order to log in, since that's how it now authenticates.


You can unlink the social sharing element of Spotify from FB, though:  Preferences > Social Network > Disconnect from Facebook.


That will prevent Spotify from posting to Facebook, or importing your FB friends, etc.  However you'll need to keep the FB account active in order to log in to Spotify: as you've seen, you'll run into problems with Spotify if you try to flat out delete your FB account.

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Re: Unlink Facebook

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THIS IS AN OLD THREAD! SPOTIFY NO LONGER REQUIRES A FACEBOOK ACCOUNT. If you signed up with a Facebook account, you can't unlink them so you have to make a new one and start over. Go to the sign up page to create a new account.


If you created a Spotify username and password when you signed up, log in using those and disconnect by going to Preferences and clicking 'Disconnect from Facebook'.


Old reply below.


Unlike what overfloater said, the "Disconnect from Facebook" button should not even appear to you, because you have registered after Facebook became a requirement.


To disable sharing on Facebook, you have to uncheck "Show what I listen to on Facebook", "Publish Top Tracks" and "Publish my playlists"

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Re: Unlink Facebook

Does somebody know how can I change my facebook in my Spotify? What has now happened is that when I was using my boyfriends Spotify account, I accidentaly logged in on my facebook account thru his Spotify account. Now, on his Spotify, it shows my facebook account.


Now, when I want to set up my own Spotify account, it says that I can not, because my facebook already has one account! So how can I change my facebook off from my boyfriends Spotify account so that I could get my own Spotify?

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Re: Unlink Facebook

Hey Kelmu, try this:
1. Disconnect your Spotify account from Facebook.
You can do this in your Spotify Preferences (Spotify » Preferences in Mac and Edit » Preferences in Windows)
2. Exit Spotify.
3. Log in to your Facebook account in your web browser.
4. Run Spotify again and reconnect to Facebook.

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An Open Letter to Spotify - Btw, I'm canceling my premium account today


Beloved Spotify,

Immediately terminate my account's requirement for Facebook.

I will not be forced to use Facebook.

If you choose to resist or ignore my request, I will terminate my account; and I will encourage as many of your customers as I can reach to abandon you and, as is only natural, we will further direct other consumers elsewhere.

I would prefer to continue using your service; however, you need to re-evaluate your corporate ethics, or this phase of our our relationship is over. You've provided a wonderful service and product; however, Spotify's concept of my identity is not compatible with mine.

  • I do not care if it is possible to "hide" our information from Facebook.
  • I do not care if Spotify provides some convoluted way to unlink our Facebook accounts: I'm mandating you to make it trivially easy for us to do.
  • I do not want an apology: We want your compliance.

This is not an answer.
Monopolistic Facebook Connect is not the only solution.
We all have OpenID's already.

This is how Grooveshark does it,

You have approximately 7 more days to commit to a resolution. In the meantime, I will be paying the artists that I listen to as directly as I can; and hoping Groovshark can improve their software's quality, while also waiting forGoogle Music to open here.

Good luck,
- Your [Previously] Faithful & Passionate Users

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Re: An Open Letter to Spotify - Btw, I'm canceling my premium account today

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jenerallee wrote:

Immediately terminate my account's requirement for Facebook.

I will not be forced to use Facebook.

Hi jeneralle- I believe there's a bit of confusion here. As you joined Spotify before our integration with Facebook, your account doesn't require a Facebook connection. 


All you need to do is log in with your 'jenerallee' username and Spotify password. If you need to reset that account password in order to sign in, just head to this section of our website.


Of course users that joined after the intergration will still need active Facebooks to use Spotify. Let us know if there's anything else we can help you with. 

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Re: An Open Letter to Spotify - Btw, I'm canceling my premium account today

It's possible that he simply does not like that you are forcing people on Facebook, even if it's not him but other people. You are preventing my family from joining Spotify right now, which will force me to leave Spotify if/when a competitor comes to Finland.

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Re: Unlink Facebook

How about you disable this on default? Your aggressive sharing is a disgrace

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Re: An Open Letter to Spotify - Btw, I'm canceling my premium account today

Did they ever respond to you? I'm boycotting Spotify now that I have made this realization. 

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