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How to delete a playlist

I don't know how to delete a playlist

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Re: How to delete a playlist

Right click on the playlist on the right hand bar and then select "Delete".
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Re: How to delete a playlist

You can also select it and the press the delete key on your keyboard ;)



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Re: How to delete a playlist

After you press delete, there will also be a confirmation popup. Make sure you really want to delete the playlist. 

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Re: How to delete a playlist

Also if you deleted palylist by mistake, just undo changes. CTRL + Z in Windows.

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Re: How to delete a playlist

How do you do it on the iOS app?

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Re: How to delete a playlist

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i recognized that this is a very old post, however it fits exactly my problem - i can't delete my playlists within the desktop client of spotify. i already deinstalled it completely, downloaded the latest version and reinstalled it again - same problem.


in right-click context menu is no entry about it (see screenshot).

(press DEL-trick also don't work, cause playlists never marked as 'selected')


Furthermore, most of my Playlists just don't load their names for about a week now (not even after reinstall)




is this a known problem?






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