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[All Platforms] Parental Controls

I love this service. My wife and I are both premium subscribers. I really hate being tied down to an archaic service like iTunes, but for my kids, I really have no choice. I would happily pay for more premium subscriptions for my kids to have their own Spotify accounts if there was a way I could make sure explicit songs are blocked. I dont care if this is a free feature, I am happy to pay for it. Until it exists or my kids get a lot older, its money you are leaving on the table Spotify. I have to think I am not the only parent who would be happy to pay for this. Seems easy enough to implement, so why not make it another reason to go premium?


Updated on 2020-09-14

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We're happy to announce that this should be now implemented.  For more info, take a look here.


Keep in mind that you can always share a new idea if there's any specific feature you're missing.


Thanks, and happy listening!


We have 4 kids that could be using spotify and another one in a couple years...  


I 2nd this. I would give my daughter a premium account as well if I could control the explicit lyrics. Please fix this spotify.


I agree, just had The Script blare out the F word in the living room at 10am- there is no way of knowing if a song is the radio edit or not. I know tagging every song on Spotify may take ages, but in the meantime can we have some family friendly playlists with vetted songs?


I would go premium to get this. Was about to. Now I'm looking for an alternative. Anyone tried Sonos?

I am staggered you don't offer it. It is socially irresponsible and commercially dim.


I decided to switch from Rhapsody to Spotify, and signed up for a premium account. My teenage son did the same, but now I am discovering that not only can he listen to explicit music, but X-rated sex recordings complete with album artwork! I question whether this kind of stuff is appropriate for "adult", but it certainly is not appropriate for children.  We are switching back to Rhapsody!!


We also need parental controls for the Discover Page that automtically opens now at startup.  I was going to put some Christmas music on for the kids through the Living Room computer.  Start it up and the first thing I see on is this album cover called the "Porn Cover" by the Dune Rats.  Yep, I have porngraphy on my computer with the kids right there in the room.  Nice job, Spotify.  Thanks for piping that crap right into our Living Room.  Thank God they just happened to be looking away, but there is defintely that potential for them see something that we don't want to see (not to mention that we don't want to see it either).  Is there a way to disable this "feature"?  If there isn't, then we will havve to consider a different music service that actually cares about what can be filtered for children.


C'mon Spotify. Please get with the program here. This should have been built into the system from the get go. Knowing that its not, I can't really believe you need it to be an approved suggested "idea" in order to do it. It should already been in the works. The sooner the better.


Its not rocket science. All we need is a button, just like playback quality, that allows us to turn off music marked explicit.

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Idea will be discussed in Spotify after it reach more than 100 Kudos!


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This thread has a few more than 100 kudos, Plus this has been discussed almost a long as Spotify has been around. People are even willing to pay for premium! I for one am using a free premium trial but I don't think I'll continue without this sort of feature. Come on Spotify!

Agreed! There needs to be some type of parental control and or an option to limit what shows up in your app.