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Obviously we have launched the new spotify with white artist profiles and album view.

However, the white interface have no ctrl+F function, which means that I can not find a specific song within an album or artist with a search function. This takes us to a world before altavista.

- I dont like


Another problem in this white interface is that we squeezed the track info into a little box. When in album-view, a track with a couple of featured artists will not fit in this box, it is not scrollable, it is simply a secret what the song is called, and who is playing it.

- I dont like


However, the new activity field is awesome, where one can follow people very selectively, and not get music-feed from everyone you know on facebook.





Hey guys! We’re changing this idea to “Implemented”.

Allow us to introduce Spotify’s new look. Now Spotify has a darker theme, refreshed typography and rounded iconography. You read more about these changes right here.

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Edit: Nevermind, it is not a duplicate idea.

This idea here will focus only on the white background that comes with the new Artist/Album/Search view.

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Reopening this thread. We're going to focus this idea on changing the white interface for now. If you want to add your vote toward getting this changed, just add your kudos to this idea. 

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Alright, got my kudos then!

And if not a complete change (maybe some people like it bright) at least a skin option within the client to change to a darker version.

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I am another that does not like the white background so could it be changed please


Please change back to the old way of looking to artists and songs. Or atleast make it possible to "choose" the old look in settings.


It really anoys me and a lot of my friends. Improvements are good, but if you follow Microsoft example and removing the start menu that's been there since forever - it's not a really good move. If people want the new "iTunes" look, let them choose so, or be able to choose the old way. This is probably the only improvement I haven't liked since Spotify started.




I don't have anything against the white per se, but I think the album list could be made a lot better. Use the window width, make it more readable, make adjustable columns. Like a normal program 😉


The white is horrible!..change it back please.


I can't stress this enough. Why was this even necessary? Now there's a GLARING difference between my playlists and inbox and the rest of Spotify? What the hell??

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The new white background is stylistically incoherent and actually impoverishes the user experience, as well as (potentially) the Spotify brand. I never comment on these kinds of issues but was moved to by being greeted by the new garish, lurid and unpleasant GUI. Please roll back in the old background: it was distinctively Spotify.