Go back in Radio selection

It's annoying when you listen to the Radio and that you can't go back to see the Artist. You just can go forward.

It will be good when it could be changed. Because sometimes you over see the Artist and can't go back to play them. 


Good news, this is now implemented! If you hear a great song while listening to a Spotify Radio station you can now go back to get the details. Thanks for your ideas everyone!


Good idea! I also find this problem really troublesome because whenever I hear a good song and forget to add it to a playlist it's GONE.


Or accidental give a song a thumbs down, and would like to go back and change it to thumbs up... Currently not an available option.


It's a pretty ridiculous oversight that you can't go back... so frustrating!


And I realise you can look at your play history in the Mac app, but it doesn't track your playback history from mobile devices, and my Facebook activity log just shows that I'm listening to radio!


absolutely needed


This is such a pain. I would cancel my subscription just for this Spotify! The only reason I haven't gone already is because Rdio no longer gets through the firewall at work. Sort it out before they do!


Terrific idea!

I have scratched my head over this many times. Sometimes you hear a good song on the playlist radio and forget to add it to your playlist, then the song is gone and you might never find it again. Annoying problem that from a non-programmer perspective seems like an easy fix ;).

Big thumbs up!

Gig Goer

Definitely giving my vote. Pandora even has this ability to go back. Currently Spotify only allows us to see the last 4 or 5 songs that were played.


This combined with the ability to remove a thumbs down or thumbs up on any song would be great. The feature to remove thumbs ups and down has already been suggested. Search for that idea and give it your kudos as well.

Casual Listener

This is extremely frustrating and should be zero problem to implement from a programming perspective, seems like it was put there as a "feature" with some kind of intention. Perhaps licencing. Who knows.


This needs to be done - i have missed a tune and am no completely wounded