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[Radio] Modifiable Thumbs up/down

1) Change Thumbs up to Thumbs Down

2) Change Thumbs down to Thumbs up

3) Remove thumbs up

4) Remove thumbs down

5) See a list of your thumbs up for a playlist


All of these should exist, if not in the app at least on the website.

Updated on 2019-05-23

Hey folks, 


It seems like this idea has evolved into a lot of different threads over the years. Quite a lot of the features requested do exist, so I'm going to mark this as implemented - but if you feel like your specific idea isn't there please feel free to make a new idea


As a heads up, Thumbs up/down has been replaced by the Heart/Remove symbol across all platforms. Let's address some of the main ideas that have been implemented:


  • It is now possible to undo Heart or Dislike actions in your Daily Mixes, Discover Weekly and Release Radar. If you Heart a song, simply tap the Heart again to get rid of it.
  • When tapping the Dislike button, you'll get a choice of 'Don't play this song' or 'Don't play this Artist'. Tapping either will prompt an Undo option at the bottom of the screen for if you hit it by mistake, or your cat walked over your screen (@dredel)





  • Tapping Heart will save that song to Your Library, so you can head there to check out all the songs you've liked. This will also include Songs and Albums you've saved in other areas of the app. I couldn't find an idea for a playlist specifically of just liked songs (without the rest of the library) so it would be a good suggestion for a new idea.


I hope this clears some things up.


After I just listened to a great song on spotify radio, I wanted to thumbs up it, however when you click on a song that was previously played it goes to the album view and doesn't allow you to thumbs up or down it. It would be awesome if click on a previous song in radio view that was played allows you to rate it and then a second click would take you to the album view.


Currently, you can only thumbs-up a song on Radio while it is playing. Once another song begins to play, there is no way to go back and thumbs-up (or thumbs-down) any song previously played on the station.


Where would you want to see these features implemented, in a way that wouldn't severely bloat the application?


Wouldn't it be confusing to have an 'un-thumbs up' option, in addition to what we've already got.


Remember, that the 'Thumbs' just affect that particular station - they don't carry across. So you're free to thumbs up the same song in another station.


Just my thoughts on this.


Hello Richard,


It could be web only feature, or a web and windows app feature, or it could be in a settings section, it does not need to be on the main page.


The idea is to make stations that represent you and if by accident the thumbs up/down gets hit (easy to do on tiny touch screans) your whole list you have worked hours on is ruined.  This is a major flaw, to say nothing of the fact that Pandora already has this feature.


One could do the first 4 without adding extra buttons.

Press the thumbs up button once and the song receives a thumbs up like it is now. Press it a second time to remove the thumbs up. (select/deselect) Same goes for the thumbs down side of things.

Also if a song has a thumbs up active and you press thumbs down it will replace the thumbs up with thumbs down. And the some goes for the other way around.

This way all the 4 options could be implemented using the same two buttons we have now.


Option number 5 would be the icing on the cake, so that you don't need to wait for a song to come up again to change you thumbs up/down setting. (And in the case of thumbs down it is actually essential since it wont come up again for that particular radio station)


Note I only know the windows application so that is my point of reference.


Personally, I would like to be able to thumbs down (give negative Kudos) to bad ideas on the website.  Currently, there's really no way to tell Spotify that you do NOT want a posted idea implemented.


Just because you won't use a feature is no reason to try to take it away from those who would find it useful.  That is like saying I don't want to play with this new toy but I also don't want anybody else to play with it either.  Please rethink your stance as any negative feedback could affect others who would truely find this feature useful and an enhancement to the software.  Why would you speak out against something that would not effect you if it is added or not since you don't want to use it?


@Link006 If that is an idea you want implemented maybe you should open a new idea post?

On that note it is kinda ironic that one wont be able to give that idea negative kudos should you decide to suggest it 😉


Btw I would also like you to elaborate what it is that you find bad about the idea? Is there some kind of drawback? Be constructive and not destructive, please 🙂


Thank you for looking at this richard. I hope Spotify comes back to it :). I'd like to see something like this too.


The "Liked from Radio" playlist is nice, but I can't tell what station(s) I've liked songs from.


Plus I've accidentally liked songs I meant to skip, and now my station is polluted. I could make a new playlist and copy the old one over, but ... then I would lose my other likes.


Adding "Edit likes & dislikes on " from the playlists context menu, or when browsing "Your Stations" in Radio, would be enough, I think.


I think this idea is too complicated, but something needs to change.  It IS possible to undo giving a song the thumbs up by accident, but it's way too hard.  You have to go into your "liked from radio" list, hit "edit" and remove the song there.  And there is no way to undo an accidental thumbs down, which I hate.


Personally I would like the thumbs and down to not be next to each other, so I stop hitting the wrong one by accident on my ipad or iPhone.


Thumbs down on the left, thumbs up on the right.  


And it needs to be possible to change my choice if I still make a mistake, or change my mind... by simply hitting the button again and changing its state.