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[All Platforms][Playlists] Search among my playlists on "add to Playlist"

When I click on "add to Playlist" I can see "New Playlist" and a list with all my playlists. It would be very useful if I could search among my playlists titles by taping its name. I have a lot of playlists and sometimes it's hard to find the one I want to add the song to.

Updated on 2022-07-12

Hi everyone,


Even though this idea was previously closed, we're happy to announce that your feedback has helped us improve the app and this suggestion has now been implemented.


You will find a search bar in the "Add to playlist" section of the right-click context menu on desktop and on top of the lists you get on mobile.


Thank you for participating in our ideas exchange here on the Community and playing a big role in making Spotify better for everyone!


This is regarding the recent desktop update.


The feature of filtering playlists when adding a song to one of your playlists has been removed, which makes finding the desired playlist a headache (at least if you have tons of playlists, as I do).

Now I have to scroll and read through my 100+ playlists to find the one I'm looking for. The amount of time this can potentially take is a bit overwhelming and definitely discourages me from adding any new songs to playlists that aren't immediately visible in the dropdown list (i.e. recently made).


Can we PLEASE bring this essential desktop feature back? 




Yes, it's very useful function from me too, why Spotify team are remove it? (i have 280+ playlists)


Agreed! Please bring back this feature! 


Another useful feature that fell victim to the clunky and overall disappointing update. Bring it back!


Hey Team,


Resubmitting this idea, previously posted here as closed-not enough votes for some reason.


The ability to search using the first letter of the playlist name when using the "add to playlist" window is essential for any spotify power user that has a large volume of playlists. It is simply too time consuming to add songs I've discovered to old playlists that are far down the menu. 





If there was a way to quickly clean and organize playlist order, this wouldn't be AS big of a deal. But as-is, one has to search in tiny text for a single playlist among many, all with different titles and created over many years when adding a new song. It is so time consuming, it's breaking the experience for many power users with many playlists. Please address!


Thanks for your consideration,


Dan Cathie




Prior to the recent update/visual refresh of the Desktop client for Windows, we were able to refine the number of playlists that were listed when adding songs to existing playlists by typing a portion of the playlist name.  The process was very quick and effective: right click the track, hover over 'Add to playlist', type 3-5 characters to narrow down the possibilities, select the playlist.


The removal of this feature was immediately felt and is sorely missed.  My usual usage case is when listening to Spotify generated playlists (Discover Weekly, Release Radar, Daily Mixes, etc.).  A track will play that grabs my attention and I will want to quickly add it to a specific pre-existing playlist to stage for later sorting or discovery purposes.  I am usually listening when working, so having a quick solution like the one above was very effective for keeping tabs of these standout tracks while not taking up much time/concentration to preserve them.


As a person who keeps a large amount of playlists, now having to devote a considerably larger amount of attention to scrolling through and finding the correct playlist has taken a seemingly effortless action into a disruptive process.


I know that this was probably a more niche or underutilized feature, but I hope that you will consider its return.  Thank you for your time.


Stop closing these bug reports!


Bug reproduction steps: Right-click a song, "Add to playlist", start typing the name of a playlist


Expected behaviour: The list of playlists should narrow down to those that contain the typed characters. This stopped working with the latest major update.


This isn't a feature request. It's a bug report. This feature stopped working with the latest major update. It keeps being reported by multiple users, and because this "feature request" channel is severely overcrowded, we can't find the previous reports. Your feedback channel is broken.


Here are some of the duplicate reports of this bug from the last 2 weeks:



Please improve the playlist UX overall, even the old functionality wasn't ideal.

This is a critical part of what music platform I go with, and has me reconsidering my subscription to spotify.