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[All Platforms][Playlists] Search among my playlists on "add to Playlist"

When I click on "add to Playlist" I can see "New Playlist" and a list with all my playlists. It would be very useful if I could search among my playlists titles by taping its name. I have a lot of playlists and sometimes it's hard to find the one I want to add the song to.

Updated on 2022-07-12

Hi everyone,


Even though this idea was previously closed, we're happy to announce that your feedback has helped us improve the app and this suggestion has now been implemented.


You will find a search bar in the "Add to playlist" section of the right-click context menu on desktop and on top of the lists you get on mobile.


Thank you for participating in our ideas exchange here on the Community and playing a big role in making Spotify better for everyone!


Not sure why this was removed, but for power users with a lot of playlists it's now nearly impossible to add a song to a correct playlist.


Please bring back the ability to search for the playlist as you add it.

For example, right clicking on a song would bring up a list of all playlists. I should be able to type and see that list filter down as I'm typing. This would mimic the functionality that used to be there in the old (better) UI.


Hi, can you guys at least reopen this if you're going to close all of my submissions asking for the feature to be BROUGHT BACK to desktop?

Closing my requests in favor of this dead post is some pretty terrible customer service.


Or would the best way be to file a bug report since it's a feature that used to exist?


This year the ability was added to the mobile app, but PLEASE add this function to the desktop app:


When adding a song to playlist on desktop version, it only brings up a list of playlists or new playlist sorted by recently added. I have 282 (and counting) playlists I would love to just be able to search for my playlist I want to add the song to by name rather than scroll through ALL of them and trying to remember when I made the playlist I am looking for in reference to the other playlists I've made.


There are now more than 50 votes on this so the idea should be re-opened.


Besides, it's wrong to categorize a feature which used to be there as a "New Idea", when in reality it's a BUG or a DOWNGRADE if a features disappears when I update the Spotify app.


Spotify starts to remind me of Microsoft where there are tons of features added but people use only fragment of those anyway.
And features that are really used, are discarded/downgraded.


A final plea from a frustrated user


How has this feature not been addressed yet? Clearly the ability to narrow playlists when saving songs is needed for power users with many playlists and I bet if you looked into your user research, you'd also discover that the user group with lots of playlists are also long time paying customers. 


This is a major pain point in your app for users with more than 20 playlists and removing the feature adds no benefit to your user experience. I have personally been checking for this feature every time there has been an app update over the last two years. Despite many dedicated users reaching out to you for support on this, it just seems to be completely ignored. 


My frustration with this lack of acknowledgment from your team has pushed me to the point of cancelling my service. I have been a dedicated customer for over 10 years, but I'll be exploring other options for my music needs and I sincerely hope I find a service I enjoy more.

Me too, this is so unbelievably short-sighted, bureaucratic and
infuriating! I'll be checking out TIDAL, which a friend recommended after
finding out the Spotify founder has invested money in AI 'defense' (war)
tech. I guess all good things come to an end.

Hey Spotify...


This IS NOT a new feature request. I've tried submitting several times, and you keep adding to this dead post.

But clearly I'm not alone.


This is a features that used to exist in the old Spotify UI. Simply ADD IT BACK.


I also agree, it's really a problem for many users..! Add it back please !!!