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[All Platforms][Podcasts] Podcast in Russia


Make possible to listen podcasts for Russian users of Spotify.

Updated on 2021-10-29

Hi everyone,
This idea was previously closed, as we in the Community team cannot influence content related request.
Nevertheless, we've been keeping an eye on it and are happy to announce that Podcasts are now available in Russia.
Thank you for your patience and happy listening!

You made exclusive deals with content creators pulling them from all free platforms, and now you’re also restricting access to their content on your paid platform, the only one to have that content, to just a few countries?! Are we supposed to pirate podcasts now, which were free and widely available everywhere just a few months ago? Not cool guys, I’m going back to Apple Music 😅


Spotify! Give podcasts to Russia!


Its 2021 and no podcasts.. 😞


Really missing the podcasts on Spotify! I have several favourite podcasts and it's frustrating that I have to go to another app to listen to it and then switch to Spotify for music. 


Yes we don’t need russian podcasts if this is the main problem you can add them later for those who really need it. For now I’m trying to access Joe Rogan podcasts and turns out I can’t because he moved to Spotify and we don’t have an access to podcasts in Russia...


I was happy to find out that Spotify became available in Russia, mostly for the music. But I find it incredibly stupid that you for some reason limit access to such a feature.


Aside from that, I'd really like to know the reason behind this decision. It can't be technical: podcasts are just audio files, just like music, even if they are somewhat longer than one track. Why then? Marketing? Pure spite?


I have no words to discribe my dissapointment on that...


Spotify doesn’t care at all. Disappointed. 


Ok, so Elon Musk is on JRE again, but this time I simply can’t watch it on YouTube like I did before... Feels like Spotify stole JRE from us. Not cool.


If you are trying to get more people on your platform - make it at least available!


Is there an update on this?