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[All Platforms] Set Alarm to start Spotify

Just thought it would be nice to wake up to a good song.  Start the day off on a good beat.   Looked through my PC, and to my suprise there was no alarm clock!  What's the deal?  Would it not be nice to be able to set a time for the music to start?  Link a playlist, best of (maybe you're waiting for a song to come out?),   Incorporate a timer into the alarm clock too.  Would be cool.


Just a thought....

Updated on 2018-07-31


Over 3,600 of you told us you wanted to set an alarm with Spotify, and we listened!

Spotify and the Clock app from Google™ will now offer the perfect soundtrack to start your day.

Starting today 'July the 31st 2018', Spotify and Google are partnering to help both premium and free users on Android™ phones set their own unique alarms with music from Spotify’s 35 million track catalog. Setting a personal soundtrack to your waking moments has never been easier.

For more info on this and on setting up your alarm, check out the blog here!

If we have any info on this for other platforms in the future, we'll keep you updated here too.


I also think this would be a really great idea, freddo.


Whilst I don't think this is something we're looking to develop right now it's the perfect idea for someone else to come along and do. Since we opened up the platform to everyone, this means that anyone who is willing and able to write an app like this is free to do so.


So hopefully someone will pick this up at some point (if it's not already in the works).


I totally agree. I have been looking for an integrated app for this.  This has been a request for quite some time:  and others have attempted to make their own versions external to Spotify but they are not very dependable as of the newer updates to Spotify,  However, with so much code already written, it seems to me like a totally reasonable request.  Please???


Before going to bed have a feature that has a set time to turn on Spottily (almost like an alarm) so your favorite morning playlist can be playing as you wake up and prepare to go to work or school. 


Thank You,




Came here to post this.


I've been looking for an alarm function on the android app to play a spotify playlist as my wake up call.  Would be great to have this feature.


Am wondering if Tasker would be able to script this.




Any work in progress ? Any project for waking up with spotify ? Alarm clock feature would be great for spot'users !

Give us a third app, anything on android, windows, unix (did i forgot your lovely Apple ? 🙂 )


I was just gonna post this into new idea's, guess someone beat me to it. I got my surround speakers hooked up to the computer, and downloaded a crappy alarm clock. I just cant wake up til my favorite song with it


alarm clock on spotify would be an amazing feature, maybe add it to one of the many packages u got? worth the money if you ask me!


Yup, an app that can play a set song from your playlist at a set time... that would be awesome. 


Please look into this.  The idea and demand has been around for a while. Code development has already been started here:

The convienience of a built in alarm clock would boost the popularity of Spotify.

@dexterhart: Alarmify doesnt work on Android. @ t_tom: The link doesnt work or the thread is already deleted.
@tintenkind: look at the atchived content. it's all still there in thread even though it is no longer active