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[All Platforms] Spotify for Audiobooks

It would be awesome if Spotify made a feature for audiobooks for every listening experience for those who like a listening feature for audiobooks

Updated on 2023-03-21

Hey folks,


We're happy to announce that audiobooks are now available in selected markets on web player, mobile, and desktop. You can find more info here.


Thanks for coming to the Spotify Idea Exchange and voting to make this happen!


Why? Why the f u _ c k do you want this? Are there not already a plethora of audiobook apps? Do you want to bog down one of the best music streaming apps this decade has seen? God, it's bad enough that Spotify is pushing podcasts. We don't need anymore unneeded garbage on there.


I think this is a great idea, especially with the addition of Podcasts; I don't even think the interface would have to be too different from what we already have with Podcasts. 


This is a smart idea!


A couple of years ago I posted this, which I think is helpful:


It would be great to use spotify for audiobooks. Not just about having the content (which it already does), but rather having a better interface for using it.


The functionalities that would be great (from my personal experience) would be:

  1. Resume option. When I pause my book for listening regular music, I would love to resume it later, without having to memorize the exact minute)
  2. Replace the previous/next song buttons with -15s/+15s. When listening a book, I don't want to skip a song or play the song again. The regular previous/next buttons become useless in this mode. But sometimes I misheard a sentence and I just want to listen it again, thus the need for the -15s/+15s buttons.
  3. Playback speed. This is a really nice feature for audiobook lovers. If it is a more technical book, I may want to listen to it in a slower pace, say 0.8x. Or when I want to listen to it faster, so I can finish it sooner, I may want to go for 1.5x
  4. Books separated by chapters. This is not just a question of organization, but rather an interface issue. When the 'song' is 120 minutes long, it becomes really frustrating to just have a 5 minutes precision on the progress bar.
  5. Bookmarking. This seems obvious to me. I would bookmark some important part of the book, so I can review it later. 


There are of course many more features we would like. Maybe not all of these would make sence to Spotify. But I really believe this could improve the audiobook lovers UX. And (maybe) some of these features may be achieved with little effort.


Just voted your idea, though.


And it would be great, if the podcast feature to speed up the audio gets implented for audiobooks too, since both are spoken content which can get processed when speeded up slightly (~ x1.25). The same speed options like in podcasts would be great (even for music too practise it easier!). Best regards 🙂


Spotify is a very large app. They need to do something about that before taking on a massive suggestion like this. Not to mention that it doesn't even handle songs and podcasts very well.


Why does spotify not implement this function? As we see in podcasts it is possible. And the community asks for it for years now. What is going on?


Deezer is having a nice audiobook player feature. And never ever audiobook titles will mix up with your favs playlist there.

Missing audiobook features are a big disappointment on Spotify, I hope it'll be fixed soon. 

Status changed to: Not Right Now

Updated on 2019-09-19

Hey folks,


Thanks for coming to the Community, and adding your vote to this idea!


We're setting this idea to 'Not Right Now', as this isn't something we have any immediate plans to implement. We appreciate you sharing your thoughts.


If we do have any new info to share, rest assured we'll check back in here with a new status.




As Spotify include audiobooks in their service having a separate 'Audiobook' section on the serach page to make the available audiobooks easier to browse through makes sense... as does a section in your own library to manage the audiobooks that you are listening to. I don't want the Spotify app changed as it works fine for streaming music, podcasts and audiobooks as is -  if a bit clunky in the UI dept - but I would like to see a section where we can find audiobooks to listen to in one conveniant place at some stage in the future.


Basically, why carry audiobooks at all if they are just lumped in with music?