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[Android][Other] Integration of Spotify and BMW Connected Drive - Android

So this idea has been implemented for iOS, can we see some Android love please???


The Connected Drive app is available on the Google Pllay store but it's only showing integration with Twitter and some other parts of the phone, would love to see Spotify added to this!


BMW Connected

Updated: 2015-10-06

Hey everyone, the new 2016 BMW 7 Series is here – with Spotify built in. Pair your Android (with the Spotify app 3.8.0 update or above) to control music straight from the dashboard. 

Due to Android OS phone manufacturer compatibility issues, the Spotify integration currently only works with the new 2016 BMW 7 Series. We are working hard to enable Spotify for all compatible BMW Connected Drive and Mini Connected vehicles.


Good to read that some people got the spotify app working with connected drive! Unfortunately it still doesnt work for me. Connecting my Samsung S7 Edge ( Android 8.0.0) via USB lets me see agenda items etc but not the spotify app in iDrive. Im using the Connecteddrive app version and spotify version It was interesting to see that android 9 worked for some people. Did anyone make it work with android 8, or does anyone know what could solve this problem? Thanks in advance! 🙂

Regarding the car:

Its and BMW F20 with S609A 'Navigation System Professional', and S6NSA 'Convenience Phone Expanded Smartphone'.


Yep, the difference seems to be Android 9, because I've got all versions as you (latest versions of BMW connected and Spotify) . BTW, I am not connecting via USB, just BT.


Dears, lets split it for two things

1) Bluetooth - yes, that is working on Android, you may stream through the bluetooth use next/previous track

2) Connected drive - it is still NOT working.

I can use on iOS in my 428 2015/NBT Connected Drive spotify app, and on Android, 7/8/9 NOT.


Actually the connected drive integration works on Android over Bluetooth if you have a NBT EVO with idrive 5 or 6 (so depending on model, car from 2016 I believe)

NBT (cars from 2013-2016) only supports connected drive apps over usb and that doesn't work on Android. At first (years ago) they blamed Android, saying usb audio is bugged, but as far as I know, this was fixed back in Android 6.


I would bet NBT units will never get Spotify integration. The sad thing is that most people don't even know that there are different versions of NBT which support different things and Spotify has just marked this as implemented which is only true if you have a car that's newer than 2017.

Poisike (Roadie) - if you look at the bmw app sdk you will see that bmw app integration exists for Android since BMW Apps inception.

The Spotify integration was not finished as can be seen from the coding in BMW Connected (Classic) app in the Play Store.

Android development was discontinued once Apple Inc signed exclusivity with BMW.

Just to correct myself - the above applies to NBT idrive cars (pre 2017) using BMW Apps integration via USB socket. 


this is so hilarious that i had to share it with you all. I just got an email from Spotify congratulating me on my second anniversary of being an active community member.


That's 2 years since I first highlighted the deprecated support for BMW Apps integration via USB for Android!


The BMW Apps Integration via usb STILL WORKS for Apple devices!


Bluetooth integration only affects cars built from 2017. 

No it doesn't. I am an avid android user & had to carry a 2nd (iPhone) to
USB Spotify into my iD4 BMW i3.

The support for iPhone/ BMW USB app seems to have died mid March with an
update from Spotify?

So in a nutshell...
Spotify never developed full android support for BMW USB apps.
(Although Samsung & the BMW 7series got some Spotify functionality)

& Just killed the iPhone USB app support.

It seems that there is some Android progress with id5 & id6 if you look at
the Spotify BMW support page.
But you people like myself have been hung out to dry good & proper.!!!


Tony I'm also in an i3 (2016).  BMW Apps integration is working on my android s7 edge with the following android apps showing in my iDrive apps menu (when "BMW Connected Drive Classic" is installed and in use on my phone via usb cable to the car;


Samsung Smartthings

Smart Home by Deutsche Telekom


BMW Calendar



Spotify appears as a "loaded" app  according to the Connected Drive classic interface when connected to the car by usb data connection.  You can see the partly done Android code for yourself in the BMW Connected Drive folder on your phone after setup with the car is done.  (not the new connected drive app). I'm pretty sure i posted screenshots and a few lines of this on this forum years ago!


As a side note, i have been able to also successfully use BMW Apps (and in particular, Spotify), via USB connection in an NBT Evo car post 2017.


I agree us NBT owners (including i3 and i8) have been mightily sold down the river. 


Thanks dtvuk for your reply.

I have had it working with the old connected classic app, & my android
phone a long time ago. To some extent!

But the interface with the iPhone was far superior & worked how it was

I use the current connected drive app on my android for pre conditioning,
My Nav unfortunately is entry & not NBT!

My wife has a 2014 Citroen C4 & it puts BMW' or Spotify's efforts to shame.