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Better Search Engine

I love spotify and everything about it but the thing that bugs me and keeps a lot of my friends away from it is the search engine.

A big problem is that you have to get the name right literally while many times somebody tells you about an artist or album and you don't know the exact spelling. Spotify does offer suggestions but they are not so good. It would be far better if it would be more like Google where it searches for the literal words first and then parts of the words. That way its also easier to come into contact with artists you never knew since the results would be much more diverse since they are not limited to the exact wording but parts of it. 

The most important thing is to be able to find artists and the search engine is the most import tool to do that, I think its lacking a bit at the moment. 

Updated: 2015-11-17

Hey folks, we're ready to mark this ideas 'Implemented' as we have made many improvements to our search engine since the original post in 2012. We account for searches with a spelling error and we have a team constantly working to improve your search experience. If you'd like to see specific feature/ function in search please make a new idea in the Idea Exchange. Thanks!


I just want to follow up the suggestions of a better search engine / search algorithm.


A search for "Aha" will result nothing of interest. The band does not turn up in the suggestions. You have to spell exactly "A-ha" with a dash.


The same for OneRepublic. Searching "One Republic" will result in nothing, not even a suggestion for the band. You literally have to search for "OneRepublic" without the space.


Don't get me wrong. I love Spotify. But in the 2+ years I've been a paying customer, the search hasn't improved much.


Fingers crossed for an update in not too long : )


The search algorithm even requires correct punctuation! Come on!

Status changed to: Implemented


Hello there,

Sorry for the delay on updating this idea, we have tons of them coming in everyday..

We passed it along to the right team and they are working now on general search improvements. That is why we are going to mark this as "Under Consideration". Keep an eye on the thread for next updates!

Thanks for your feedback, you make the Spotify experience better 😉

This idea would certainly improve the everyday user experience, I'd love to see this implemented.


Also include app search into the fuzzy search


android devses an other is so powerful now that the players should be much more like the pc version.


biggest problems on android spotify is:


move to sd is impossible

cant sort files in playlist by added date


It's pretty ridiculous when you can't find any "Megadeth" because you spelled it "Megadeath."


Hello Spotify,


I love your service, but could you please please fix that crappy search engine.


An example:


A friend told me to listen to Loc Natives, because he loves there records. I went to the searchbar and typed in Loc Natives. Nothing found. Hmm... strange. Well, ok and I went to google and typed in Loc Natives. Ofcourse tons of hits, but there I found my error, it's not Loc Natives, but Local Natives...... 



Another example:


Searched for Gert Vlok Nel, only I typed Gert Vloknel. I did not know how to write it correct. No hits..... 


When are you going to update the search engine? I'm almost getting tired of getting so many updates a week, but this is not updated.




Looks like you need to get yourselves one of these -- elasticsearch



If Spotify is going to offer 18+ million songs, there definitely needs to be a better, more robust and featureful search engine. What exists now is mediocre at best. For example, If there's a spelling mistake, no results are returned. Another: Search by genre is way too limited and not intuitive at all. There needs to be more search options which are easily accessible; for example: by a drop down list next to search input field, thereby allowing the user to select search criteria.