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Better Search Engine

I love spotify and everything about it but the thing that bugs me and keeps a lot of my friends away from it is the search engine.

A big problem is that you have to get the name right literally while many times somebody tells you about an artist or album and you don't know the exact spelling. Spotify does offer suggestions but they are not so good. It would be far better if it would be more like Google where it searches for the literal words first and then parts of the words. That way its also easier to come into contact with artists you never knew since the results would be much more diverse since they are not limited to the exact wording but parts of it. 

The most important thing is to be able to find artists and the search engine is the most import tool to do that, I think its lacking a bit at the moment. 

Updated: 2015-11-17

Hey folks, we're ready to mark this ideas 'Implemented' as we have made many improvements to our search engine since the original post in 2012. We account for searches with a spelling error and we have a team constantly working to improve your search experience. If you'd like to see specific feature/ function in search please make a new idea in the Idea Exchange. Thanks!


Regexp would probably be overkill, but wildcards would be nice. As it is, wildcard * (asterisk) is inbuilt into all searches. I think it would be best removed, which would default the search to exact. Then, if you really needed to expand your search, you could use * for any number of characters, ? for a single char, ?? for two and so on. This is how, say, unix/linux search works.

Status changed to: Implemented


Hey folks! We just want to jump in here and say this idea hasn't been forgotten and it's still "Under Consideration". 

We've passed your feedback on internally and this is something that's being discussed. When we have more news for you we'll post it here. Thanks again for your feedback! 




Please add sort options on the search results. I mean, can sort my playlists, then why can't I then sort the result of my search.  E.g. I search for an artist and get a lot of songs and albums. Fine - but why can't i then click the song column, or album collumn to organize and find what I'm actually looking for? 



Been thinking about this for a while; the search results have always frustrated me. Example: I've just been searching for the artist, 'Adria'. Now, you'd think and hope that that would be the first result. But no; you have to scroll and scroll (and scroll) past all the Adrians and variations thereof for a couple of minutes before you find her. Annoying.


A, 'Sort by Most Relevant' setting would be most welcome, Spotify.

Am I the only one being annoyed by the fact that when you place the curser in the search field (click the search field) the previous search isn't marked to allow for quick delete?


Maybe it's just my installation, but when I click the search field, the curser positions itself at the end of the previous search text. I then have to delete the previous search with several keyboard strokes, instead of just being able to start typing (like you would when clicking the address field in a Chrome browser. 


I'm on a premium windows installation. 


Search bar should be improved. World of music is very huge and so many times you hear an artist/band name on the radio or being told by a friend, not spelt. That could makes the searching task annoying. Please, improve the algorithms or something, like, for example, google does when yo try to find something without putting the exact words.


I am posting this as a comment, but it's really a NEW idea. Unfortunately, this forum won't let me create new threads for some reason or another.


The idea is to add starred: and playlist: operators to the advanced search syntax.


I have a VERY large collection of saved songs, and need advanced search to create specific kinds of playlists.


For example, some days I am in an exploratory mood, and want to listen to songs that I have saved to my library, but HAVEN'T starred.


Other days, I may want to listen to French music, but focus only on those French songs that I have starred.


Or, I may want to listen to rock songs from the 60s that are in my collection.


Unfortunately at the moment, there doesn't seem to be a way to mix and match star ratings and membership in playlists. But if we had a starred: and playlist: operators in advanced search, the above three scenarios could be achieved by writing the following queries



starred:yes AND playlist:French

playlist:ClassicRock AND year:1960-1969


I would love to be able to search through whole Playlist Folders as well please.


I hate search. 


There should be better searches with the use of tags and filters


there should be search in playlists, without having to press "CTRL+F"




Trying to find every artist who has produced a song "Lights Out". I know a couple good ones but they are not in a result list. All the rubbish is. 


How is this Spotify search engine operating? Not how I want.