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Better Search Engine

I love spotify and everything about it but the thing that bugs me and keeps a lot of my friends away from it is the search engine.

A big problem is that you have to get the name right literally while many times somebody tells you about an artist or album and you don't know the exact spelling. Spotify does offer suggestions but they are not so good. It would be far better if it would be more like Google where it searches for the literal words first and then parts of the words. That way its also easier to come into contact with artists you never knew since the results would be much more diverse since they are not limited to the exact wording but parts of it. 

The most important thing is to be able to find artists and the search engine is the most import tool to do that, I think its lacking a bit at the moment. 

Updated: 2015-11-17

Hey folks, we're ready to mark this ideas 'Implemented' as we have made many improvements to our search engine since the original post in 2012. We account for searches with a spelling error and we have a team constantly working to improve your search experience. If you'd like to see specific feature/ function in search please make a new idea in the Idea Exchange. Thanks!


+1 for this. The search functionality on Spotify is terrible.

I just tried to search "tyke remix" to find all remixes by an artist called Tyke, or remixes of Tyke songs.

Instead I get about 50 other songs suggested first, everything from "Tyde Remix", "Psychic Type Remix", "Double Take Remix", and even a remix of "Take That".

Then way down at the bottom, remixes of and by Tyke - which is what I was searching for.

These are not results for my search. They are completely unrelated.

I tried wrapping Tyke in quotes - which works on Google to drill down to results that contain the exact word - in the hope that this may help, but this isn't implemented.

This issue needs to be reopened and looked at.


Hey guess what? It'll be 2019 tomorrow and the SEARCH FUNCTION still sucks! I mean it's almost useless in many cases.
For example NAME AND THE GROUP NAME is different than NAME, is different than NAME & THE, is different than NAME AND THE, is different than NAME AND HIS , is different than NAME.
All should be filed under only the NAME (i.e. Captain Beefheart) regardless of &/ AND THE/ HIS or even minus the group name, just the artist name should at least get me there.
I also looked up SERFS and found ZIP. I looked up THE Serfs and found something. This is ridiculous!
Come on! Hire someone who knows how to create a search engine!