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Clear play queue

I have to restart my spotify when I accendently start a song from a search instead of adding it to the queue (happens often to me), would be lovely if there would be a clear button for all the songs added to the queue by spotify it self.

Updated: 2020-12-17


We're happy to announce that we have implemented the Clear queue feature on our mobile app as well.


Just open the queue and you should see the Clear all button at the top




Updated: 2017-01-16

Hey folks, you can now find a 'CLEAR' button on the Play Queue in your Spotify Desktop app. 

If using Spotify on your mobile device you can check the songs in 'Up Next' and then select 'REMOVE'.  

Thanks for your feedback everyone!


Screen Shot 2017-01-16 at 10.47.58 AM.png


so happy that this is in place.  


"We're happy to announce that we have implemented the Clear queue feature on our mobile app as well."


Hey Spotify people, don't know who checked this feature but it isn't implemented. Check every song before click the Remove button is at its best a very lazy solution.

I don't understand why implement a simple button that clears the list, as suggested, is so hard to visualize and implement. 

In my opinion Spotify has a great backend with really fast download times, but every client app sucks in a way or another. 


Seems like this is "kinda" implemented?  If I specifically choose "Add to Queue" on a song, album, playlist...etc, then I do see the new "Clear All" button.  But if I play anything directly just by tapping on it, then the Clear All button is not available in the queue.  Also if you've played something directly, then choose "Add to Queue" on something else, the "Clear All" button does not clear what was previously in the queue.  Is that how it is supposed to work?

Yes you're right. I didn't see it because queues in Spotify work in a
misleading way.


Yeah, Clear all is not in the android app. (anymore?)


Ridiculous. Create an empty Playlist, add obe track, call it empty Playlist and start playing it, now you can remove the track and add whatever tracks you want.


Also, why is there no add to queue for a Playlist? God, Spotify sucks. It's a work in progress! 


I feel like we've been mislead here. Support even admits this hasn't truly been implemented yet. 




Screen Shot 2021-02-09 at 1.18.46 PM.png


Posting just to keep this alive as there still is no way to clear your queue on Android. Very annoying


Latest version no longer has a clear queue button on PC app, and worse, keeps playing queue even when requesting new song from Alexa :


Now playing

1       some song


Next from {same artist"}                                                                                                        {missing former clear button here}

2.    next song

3.    next next song

Sounds like typical Spotify. Thank the lord there are much better services, or piracy, to save the day.

The button to clear the queue has disappeared. I am a premium subscriber and I should be able to clear my whole queue instead of clearing one at a time.  Before the queue used to clear when jumping to another playlist but it does not.  Is the button elsewhere? Can we bring it back and make it clearer to see or let us know what to do if button disappears?


Thank you.