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[Connect] Publish the Spotify Connect API

Spotify should publish the required documentation for implementing Spotify Connect on internet-enabled receivers / speakers. 

Updated on 2019-04-09

Hey folks, 


Thanks for adding your vote to this idea. 


Use of the Spotify Connect Web API is now in beta. You can check out the details here.


You can also find out a lot more about devloping with Spotify at the Spotify for Developers website.



Status changed to: Up for Votes

(For people who don't know about Spotify connect - more info here: )
Why? So the developer community can implement Spotify Connect on a number of diffrent devices, such as rasberry pi, android and so on. Many of these devices is connected to really nice (old?) speakers that is not internet connected.

great idea ..its a nobrainer because they would surely increase the number of premium subscriptions


..or atleast add the Spotify Connect functionality to libspotify.


I would like to see some hardware company developing a hdmi dongle to bring spotify to older A/V Receivers. That would bring spotify to the living room without having to buy expensive new hardware (think: chromecast)


I would use this, and it would surely be of commercial value to Spotify.


I subscribed to premium when I bought the Sonos Play bar.  Now I have Chromecast and I've dropped the Spotify premium and use Google Play Music and Pandora.  I believe Chromcast will never happen for Spotify from the responses I've seen from Spotify in these forums.

it would really be great to have an open api! my mobile carrier just released a partnership with napster - i could use napster on the go without being charged for traffic. why do i still use spotify? because it has an open api! i can use it on the raspberry pi with mopidy or on my linux box. or just everywhere. so, please release spotify connect api as well for other devices!

I would love an open API, my raspberry pi only wait to unleash the spotify features!


I'm presently using dlna to steam music from my home-server to my media-extender connected to the sound system. All is controlled from Bubble upnp on my Android pad. What I need is a Spotify connect dlna server application for windows!