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Cortana integration for Windows 10

I think a very great feature for Spotify would be integration for one of Windows 10's most exciting features, Cortana. For example, you should be able to say "Hey Cortana, play Hold My Hand by Jess Glynne on Spotify" and it would not only open Spotify, if it wasn't already open, but it would also search through your music (or all of Spotify if needed) for the song (in this case, Jess Glynne's Hold My Hand) and play it.


Here are some additional technical thoughts on how this would work:

  • The addition of "on Spotify" to the voice command would differentiate requests to play songs from the computer/the default Windows 10 music app
  • To help streamline the song search process, the command could/would launch a search through Your Music/Songs first before searching all of Spotify, to help reduce the potential to reduce duplicates and the need to mention the artist. For example, if there are multiple songs named "Next to Me" on Spotify, but you only have Emeli Sande's song by that title in Your Music, and that is, presumably, the song you're looking for, it would search Your Music, find Emeli Sande's Next to Me first and play that.

This feature would make things a lot easier for me, as Spotify is my main music player, and I'd like a quicker way to play songs from Spotify in Windows 10 without having to open the app and look for it myself.

Updated on 2018-01-11

Hey folks, Cortana + Spotify integration is now live on Win10 releases from RS2 and later.

You can now use Cortana to control music playback on more of your favorite music apps (EN-US only). Starting with this build, Windows has enabled natural language compatibility for Spotify. This works on both above the lock screen (PC is locked) as well as below!.You can try queries like…

  • Play Christmas music on Spotify
  • Play my discover weekly playlist on Spotify
  • Play <Artist/Track/Title/Genre/Mood> on <AppName>
  • Play some Drake
  • Play Focus music
  • Play Rock music

Once music is playing you can ask Cortana what’s playing like this:

  • Hey Cortana, what’s playing?

Cortana will keep you posted on your tracks.

To start rocking to your favorite tracks just get the latest app update and sign into Spotify in the notebook under the music section.


Thanks for your continued feedback in the Community!


I cam here to start a post only to find someone beat me to it.  I would also very much love to see this as a feature.  Hey Cortana, start spotify playlist "Driving Tunes".


Bring this over to Windows Phone too. 


we need this


If there are any iOS users on this thread, I made an iOS app to do just that, called Song Genie.


you can say "Play artist Nirvana" and Song Genie will pick a random song by nirvana and start playing it.


If you want to get specific you can also say the song name or the album name.


I just did a google search and now I'm here. PLEASE make this a reality Spotify, I'd really really really appreciate it.


If Spotify does this, I'll go premium 


"Hey Cortana, play some classical from Spotify" 



Make it so.


Very good idea. It would be perfect to develop crossplatform handsfree control, independetly I listen Spotify on my Android mobile, iPhone or my Windows tablet.


Yeah, I would love to see this feature.




Google took me here, i had the same idea.


Please make this happen, i will sign up for a lifetime supply of spotify premium! (or more likely a recurring monthly sub)!