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[Country] Spotify in Israel

Hey Spotify team,

Please make Spotify available in Israel! I loved using your app in Australia, and now, in Israel, I'm feeling the loss.

Updated on 2018-03-16

Spotify was launched in Israel earlier this week. Happy listening!


I know many people that would very much love to pay and be a premium user in Israel
(me included, I make many trips to israel and even have an israeli payment method that you refuse to accept, although I consider my self as a citizen of the world and travel more than half of my time... some of that time I'm in Israel and have to comply with that 14 days limitation, Which I find dreadfull. 

Pleaseeeee!!!! I need it in my life!!!!!!

I don't understand why it is not available yet... seems like theyre not interested in doing this anyway - the reasons why is the question to ask.


Hey, when Spotify will be available in Israel it's totally not fine that I can't be registered to the premium plan.

Please make everybody happy this is music world and music is for all.

Really don't put this topic behind.

I really hope you will take my proposal seriously and open Spotify to the open world.


Greetings and love



Yesss!!!! Please 🙏🙏‼️


I hope Spotify will be available here in Israel soon!! I miss all my playlist!! 😞


Dear Spotify,


I'm interesting to make dream come true.

My dream is to bring spotify to Israel as a legal service, open support center and manage all the operation of it. I'm also interesting to make an internship in your company as software engineering.


Thanks for all of the people that want to make my dream come true.




Yes please! I am sure you will have great success here in Israel


Spotify, Please do not close this thread as well like the many previous requests:
only a partial snapshot of requestsonly a partial snapshot of requests


There are many people interested, you can see how many likes it got, and these are just those who react and aware of that thread, this will surely be the leading music stream service in Israel (even if it wont house Israeli music - foreign music is very common here, probably more than local)

as to the musicians, many of them in Israel had enough with the low tech and somewhat ancient distribution and labels companies and will be happy to be exposed to a wider crowd under a leading streaming service.
(I personaly know a few)

please, make effort, share plan on when it'll happen or why it hasn't happen so far.


Hey, friends, I open a Facebook group for Spotify Israel for us to join and show to the world how much we love Spotify. You are all invited to join and maybe together we will bring the change and make Spotify Available here in Israel as well 🙂


Wish you all the best music in the world