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[Country] Spotify in Ukraine

Hi Spotify team!

When watching Eurovision on TV in Stockholm this year I couldn't but think why Spotify is not yet registered in Ukraine? Eurovision 2017 in Ukraine would be a great marketing kick-start for the app in this country. Unlike Russia's personal data laws, Ukraine has no such restrictions of keeping the data only in Ukraine, so one large chunk of a problem is away. 

Although I currently live in Finland (relocating soon to Stockholm), I have test run the idea on my Ukrainian relatives/ friends/ partners etc. and it'd be successful there. Similarly to Russia and all the illegal music streaming through social media and online sources, there is a shift among user behavior - preference to have access to lots of good quality music all the time at any place.

Updated on 2020-07-15

Hey there folks,

Thanks for coming to the Community, and adding your votes and comments to this idea.

We're very happy to announce that Spotify is now available in Ukraine.

There's some more information on this here!

Happy listening!


Launch Spotify in Ukraine, please,🙏 this would be the perfect official platform for listening to songs.♥️ I very much look forward to the opening.



Can't wait for the Spotify to be finally launched in Ukraine. 
Hope in 2020 we will see it 


Please consider making your splendid service available in Ukraine. All my friends including myself are waiting to buy a subscription instead of a silly youtube music or apple music that is only for apple users! Ukraine is much bigger market wise then Latvia where you actually available for a long time now.. Please we have been waiting for it since 2016 when Russian music service VK has been banned in Ukraine because it was illegal which is showing that we are ready to buy and play by rules. Please do it if not for profit but for Ukraine - Sweden relations! Ukraine fought alongside Sweden in the battle of Poltava in 1709 against Russian Empire! Even IKEA isn't scared of getting into our marked so what are you waiting for?! Kindly please do it I want to listen to many Ukrainian artists that have already uploaded their songs to your magnificent platform like TVORCHI or Hardkiss etc. You are already making money out of Ukraine so why not to extend this profit and make potential 10 million youth in Ukraine happy?! Im really in love with Sweden since Pewdiepie is from there and we even share the same flag colors (blue and yellow) so please do it! JUST DO IT! I know you guys in Sweden are standing in queues all the time like to grocery store and stuff so I bet you hate it, isn't it? That's exactly what is happening to Ukraine rn BUT except all the countries have already made it through the queue and Ukraine is the last one waiting since.. 2016!!! Don't make us wait any longer because you understand how embarrassing it is, huh? For the last Im just jealous every time I see someone in Discord with Spotify status in their profile and I simply want to have the same! Please kindly consider our humble demand in decent music since I can't live without it) FÖR SVERIGE I TIDEN


Nobody cares. Classic. 


I wait Spotify in Ukraine! I wanna buy subscription and listen music any where and any time.


One day left till we will meet our expectations.


Уже работает. Чистите кэшикукисы и заходите на

В Play Market/Appstore уже доступны приложения.



Не прошло и 4 года! Интересно сколько треков будут в Украине недоступны из-за разных качелей с соглашениями и тд. 


Пока никаких критических "пропаж" не замечал. Не думаю что их будет больше чем у конкурентов.


Да, удивительно, пока тоже не заметил ни одгого "серого" трека. Кто-нибудь смог найти спотифай на PS4? Пока приложения не вижу даже, надеюсь появится.