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[Country] Spotify in Ukraine

Status: Implemented

Hi Spotify team!

When watching Eurovision on TV in Stockholm this year I couldn't but think why Spotify is not yet registered in Ukraine? Eurovision 2017 in Ukraine would be a great marketing kick-start for the app in this country. Unlike Russia's personal data laws, Ukraine has no such restrictions of keeping the data only in Ukraine, so one large chunk of a problem is away. 

Although I currently live in Finland (relocating soon to Stockholm), I have test run the idea on my Ukrainian relatives/ friends/ partners etc. and it'd be successful there. Similarly to Russia and all the illegal music streaming through social media and online sources, there is a shift among user behavior - preference to have access to lots of good quality music all the time at any place.

Updated on 2020-07-15

Hey there folks,

Thanks for coming to the Community, and adding your votes and comments to this idea.

We're very happy to announce that Spotify is now available in Ukraine.

There's some more information on this here!

Happy listening!


+1 for Ukraine. We really need you 😉


It's really strange that spotify isn't available in Ukraine now. What is the reason?! Apple music, Google play music and even Netflix are already in our country. So, why you don't want to join them? In your service there is a HUGE libriary of Ukrainian songs which cannot listen legaly through your service. That's ridiculous!!! I'll be honest and say that I'll use a free spotify with ads, and millions of people in our country will do the same(piracy is our known issue, but many people just don't have enough money to pay for music/films/games etc. because of our avarage salary that is less than 150$, but your legal service will be a great analog to the piracy. I know you gain primary salary from premium accounts, but we have lots of nice-paid adds from big companies as well. And I know it by how they are really popular on our music-pirates sites, so this sites can maintain themselves only by ads). Also, many people (as one's who posted above) will pay for spotify premium as well. So, we are REALLY waiting you in our country 😉


Hi! WHEN you'll launch Spotify in Ukraine? 2017 now, it's ridiculous


I would really love to have an official Spotify in Ukraine since I am a big audiophile. But well, I guess I have to give my money to Apple meanwhile. Since the biggest pirate music service (VK) is banned in Ukraine, people are searching for good alternatives and you are missing a giant opportunity. Once they get used to Play Music or Apple Music, they won't be eager to change the platform.

Im still waiting though. But, as I said, too bad for you you are so slow:/

Indeed, that would be a great to have Spotify available in Ukraine! As many other users, I also vouch for the wide usage of Spotify. There is really a need for this service.


I've been to Italy for 1 year. And it was amazing listening to IT Spotify. 
I will really appreciate incoming of Spotify to Ukraine. 
Hope to see you in my country.
Don't loose your chances


Please launch Spotify in Ukraine. I use Google Music, Apple music, Deezer ... as well as many Ukrainians people. But I very love Spotify!!!
Stop to feed Google and Apple!Скриншот 2017-08-27 00.26.41.png


I want Spotify in Ukraine!!!


I want a spotify in Ukraine!


Guys, we need you in Ukraine!