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Out of the major competitors, only Apple Music is established in Sri Lanka. There prices are at 3 USD/Month which is e extremely reasonable given that 10USD/month account for roughly 5% of local average salary. 


That being said, it's time for Spotify to enter the market as their presence will truly be effective and popularity is already there for the service to kick off. So at the usual price (10USD/month) or the adjusted pricing, my request is to enter this economy as well. 


PS: Similar post is closed due to lack of engagement  Here I am rekindling the campaign! 

Updated on 2021-02-25

Hey folks!


Thank you for your patience. We're happy to announce that Spotify is now available in Sri Lanka.


Take a look here for more info about the launch.


Happy listening 🙂


Agree with him 100%. We need spotify here in sri lanka

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Updated on 2018-08-10

Marked as new idea, which is a repost of this inactive idea.


I think we need Spotify here in Sri Lanka and I'm sure that the users who have subscribed to other platforms will hesitate to make a switch once this is available in Sri Lanka.


Now Spotify's available in India but still not in Sri Lanka? Ugh, that's basically racism.


Spotify Launched in India in February and reached 1 Million users in less than 6 months. We aren't saying we can do the same or even come close. But we would love to use Spotify here in Sri Lanka as well. While I was abroad I was loving Spotify but after my studies, I moved back here. Now I'm subscribed to Apple Music on my Android since I have no other option and I need to be able to download music as well. If you already have it set up in India I bet it takes a very little effort to initiate it here. There are already Sri Lankan musicians on both Apple Music and Spotify. People of Sri Lanka deserve this. Given that Spotify in India only cost like $1.67 monthly and Apple Music here cost $3, Spotify can pick up the market fast.


100% agree. I already using Apple Music on my Android device. That's because Spotify is not available in Sri Lanka. Apple Music individual package costs 3USD in our country. 3USD is a acceptable price when it compared to our economy. If Spotify launch to Sri Lanka it will be a big change in music streaming in our country. Spotify, you guys are amazing, the customizations in your music streaming is really cool. Please consider this request and do something better for us too...


Spotify for Sri Lanka please!!! 


Here in Sri Lanka 22 Million people waiting for Spotify to start operations, Please consider this request seriously. There are plenty of people who are already using Spotify here via VPNs due to the unavailability. But please consider providing the service so that anyone can legitimately enjoy your services.


Please enable Spotify to Sri Lanka users as well. Highly appreciate..


We need this to happen man.I love Spotify we need Sri Lanka to be available