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[Country][Subscription] Add Premium Family for South Africa

Welcome to South Africa, Spotify 🙂 


Your amazing family plan, would be a great + welcome addition here. Being able to easily, and cheaply, sign up my family under 1 account would make billing a breeze.


And shame, my technologically challenged mom and dad (who type in 'google', into their Chrome URL bar so they can search for google, and then google something) wouldn't know where to start in setting up billing and all that... Being able to manage this for them via my account, would be amazing.


Thanks kindly - for your attention to the above, and for coming to SA.

Updated on 2020-05-12


Thanks for coming to the Idea Exchange!
Listening together as a family is about to get even better - Spotify Premium Family is now available in South Africa.

Getting started is easy - just visit, follow the steps to create your Premium Family account, and invite family members you live with.


Yes please activate the family plan. I am the owner of an Apple Music family plan and need this option to be able to switch this over to Spotify.


I am currently paying for a Google Play Music family plan, and wouldn't hesitate to switch to the Spotify one if I could.


IIRC Apple Music also has a family option in South Africa- so I dont know if there are things Spotify needs to iron out first from their end, but from where I am standing it doesnt seem a too difficult payment option to implement.


Maybe we should just be patient, as the service only just released here yesterday. Crossing my fingers. 


I agree we need the full deal Spotify


As a South African who uses Google music, I'd loke to switch the family to a Spotify Family subscription. Please lauch it asap. I suspect a lot of your initial subscriptions would be family ones.


I agree. No way I can switch from

apple Music to Spotify without a family option even although I’ve been dying for Spotify to come to SA...


Welcome to SA. And yes ... Family Plan too please, of course, Spotify! 


was also interested in this, but the page seems to hve a 404 error


Would be nice to have my kids and wife able to do their own thing and stop pestering me with requests. 🙂


Agreed! Please give us the family plan asap


100% in support of this. Only thing holding me back from signing up for Premium. Hopefully it happens before the 30 day trial period ends