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[Desktop] Daily Mix on Desktop

I love love love the daily mixes on my phone, why can't it follow onto my computer?  That would make me so happy! 

Updated: 2016-12-16

We’re excited to announce that Daily Mix is now available on Desktop under Your Music. Be sure you're on the latest version of Spotify to get Your Daily Mix. Enjoy!

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I basically cannot use the "Daily Mix" feature since I listen to Spotify 99.9% of the time on my work Mac or home PC. Cmon how is this taking so long to implement, its basically links that needs to be added, your UI is dinamically composed so there should not be any UI implementation involved at all (the Daily Mix is basically a radion screen).


Please add this as it would improve your entire offering and give feature continuity across all platforms. It seems silly that this is a "mobile-only" feature.

Community Legend

must have! thanks for sharing ^_^


Cmon Spotify just cmon


I agree with all......


Excellent idea!

Community Manager
Community Manager
Status changed to: Implemented
Updated: 2016-11-10

Hey folks!


We hope you're well, and thanks for coming to the Spotify Community. 

We’re working on bringing Daily Mix to desktop, but you can listen via Connect in the meantime!


Thanks, and stay tuned 🙂




I have been dying to have the daily mixes on my windows app on my laptop, as I spent most of the time on it! Please, work on it asap!

Music Fan

I just wanted to say kudos on the new "drawn and recorded" clips . those are super fun to watch and very neat additions to Spotify. Please keep that going and to produce even more stories please!! I think it would be very useful to continue to add videos like that . I love you Spotify, thank you!! 

Also, anyone with awesome music tastes or wanting to find some new music check out some of my playlists!!


Can the daily mix use MORE songs that are NOT already on my playlists? I love the idea of it determine my interests and giving me new songs that I wouldn't necessarily think to search.