[Desktop] Daily Mix on Desktop

I love love love the daily mixes on my phone, why can't it follow onto my computer?  That would make me so happy! 

Updated: 2016-12-16

We’re excited to announce that Daily Mix is now available on Desktop under Your Music. Be sure you're on the latest version of Spotify to get Your Daily Mix. Enjoy!


I listen to Spotify mainly from my computer while I work, I need some fresh tunes!


Agreed! Found this option on mobile Spotify recently and would also like to have it on desktop where I use Spotify most.


It would be a great addition to the desktop version of spotify. ^^


Same here for Spotify at work,


Please make sure not to advertise something (you guys send me an awesome email) putting my expectations quite high just to check it does not work YET on desktop..

Business 101 😉


I just got a email on gmail about a Spotify "Daily Mix". It said "The new mix, made just for you. Your Daily Mix is waiting. It’s packed with your favorite music ever – your recent crushes and old classics, plus tracks we think you’ll love. It’s the mix you’d make yourself if you had the time. Hit the button on mobile to get your Mix." I don't know why I'm getting this since I don't have any mobile devices. Additionally, the other words I bolded have me interested to how exactly does it determine "favorite" music, has I am highly skeptical of that it does just that. I tried to email them "Can I get more information about what this is? How many songs are there? What are the song in here? How does it define favorite music?", but they wheren't able to recieve it or something for some reason. I read the page Daily Mix at support.spotify.com, but that didn't have the info I was looking for. I don't know what would happen If I clicked play since it's telling me to use a mobile device even though the play button is right there on my screen. I don't know if that's supposed to be there.


Also please update the Android TV version.. if i select a daily mix on my phone and try to play it on android is just freezes.


Definitely a fan of the daily mix.  Please add to all platforms.


Absolutely Daily Mix should be on the desktop app! But in the meantime, I'm streaming the Daily Mixes through my MacBook by playing the Daily Mixes on my iPhone and selecting my MacBook as the 'Device Available' at the bottom of the iPhone app. It works!

Casual Listener

Am in US, have been a premium member since Spotify was released here. Am now a family account. I listen on mobile, iPad and desktop (at work). 72461103.jpg


Almost 1 full month since this was release for mobile and still not avilable on desktop. This is a shame, sich a simple port of a feature and you are sitting on your asses, do you have like 10 developers working on all platfroms?