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[Desktop] Equalizer for the Desktop Version

There should be an Equalizer for the Desktop version of Spotify.


Since Spotify's mobile apps now have an EQ setting, this should be implemented on the desktop version, too!
The EQ should come with various presets but also the ability to save your own custom settings.

Updated on 2022-08-10

Hey folks,


Thanks for coming to the Spotify Idea Exchange and voting to make this happen.


We're happy to announce that the Equalizer option is now available on desktop - and is gradually rolling out to all users over the next week. You will be able to play around and customize the sound of your music for a better listening experience by toggling your Equalizer on your computers.




Once again, thanks for helping us make Spotify better, by participating here on the Community.


I agree entirely, I recently upgraded to a new Sound bar with Sub that has built in EQ! That solved my Spotify sound issues. If you use Cans a lot why not get some with EQ built in? I bought some recently at a reasonable price, so maybe until Spotify get it together it's an alternative?


Been waiting for this feature since Spotify came out!


Hey there @ethanoll, @DennyEMufc and @katfa,


Thanks for posting about this here in the Community!


At the moment, there's no built-in equalizer in the desktop app - you can find more info about this in this idea.


However, you can read more in this Spotify Answer on how to use the equalizer on the desktop app if you have an audio device that has access to it. 


Let us know how this goes! Don't hesitate to give us a shout if there's anything else we can help with.


Have a lovely day 🙂

Hi all,

So, it appears that two and a half years ago (8/2017), Spotify decided to NOT include an equalizer in the Desktop app (including PC, Mac and Linux) like is included with mobile versions (Apple and Android)...

Per the message that 'closed' the idea, "we’ve decided not to introduce an equalizer for the Desktop app at this time": Can the "Case Closed" be reopened?

I recently 'turned' to Spotify and have it on both my Win10 and Linux Mint boxes... I'd much rather 'tune' the output within Spotify than trying to adjust 'system settings' for every other app that plays sounds.


It's not ideal, but what I did on Win10 was right click the audio icon in the system tray>open volume mixer>headphones and under enchancements used bass boost and turned loudness equalization all the way right (long), and selected windows sonic under the spatial sound tab. It's not perfect, but it's better.

Thanks for the reply. I can also change my system settings to enhance Spotify and then have to change them back for other applications that don't have a built-in equalizer... where with a lot of applications (games, etc.), I can modify the settings within the application so I don't HAVE to change the system settings.
My main 'issue' was that after 2 and a 1/2 years, there doesn't seem to be any progress... and your reply was the only one so far, so it appears it is still a 'dead' issue as far as Spotify is concerned... guess they're more focused on the mobile apps and that's where the revinue is...



Here's the issue. Spotify should have, in 2020 by now, provided a desktop equalizer. The reason you don't have a continued desktop userbase is because Spotify chooses not to support features used in their mobile apps.


I understand Spotify a "smaller" desktop fanbase, but they have to also be aware that this is by their own hands. Refusal to support features pushes consumers to competition who will provide in-app features that don't require the use to then spend ten minutes adjusting the sound settings for literally everything else playing sound on their computer.


I understand some of this sounds like I'm enraged, but this is ten years of use of Spotify being frustrated by an absolute disregard by your staff of long-term issues that could have been solved with a **bleep**ing week's work between three people.

Seriously? iTunes 1 (yes, that was MacoOS X 10.0) back in past eras had an EQ built-in, Windows Media Player has one as long as I can remember, and the latter even comes with a time-stretching function as standard these days which has been a pretty complex technology until a few years ago. An EQ shouldn't be too complex to implement or too costly for one of the leaders in an industry that's been steadily growing since day 1, and is expected to continue to do so for quite while to come. An EQ can propably even be bought off-the-shelf. Am I a less important customer? Disappointing.

This answer is misleading "However, you can read more in this Spotify Answer on how to use the equalizer on the desktop app if you have an audio device that has access to it. " 


Go read it to find that there is NO SOLUTION OFFERED OR IDENTIFIED for either Windows or OS X.  If you are effectively going to tell us to go pound sand I would appreciate being told clearly and directly rather than have my time wasted being sent to another solution-less page.


So very Apple-ish to have amazing resources and yet still fail to provide foundational features.