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[Desktop][Mac] Touch bar integration

Those on macOS, may love this concept that was created prior to the new Macbook Pro release. I think it would be awesome if Spotify actually implemented it.


See pictures!

Updated: 2017-02-24

Hey folks, we've shipped Touch Bar support! Thanks for letting us know this something you wanted to see. Just so you know we won't be adding track info as it doesn't align with the guidelines for building Touch Bar features. (i.e. it isn’t a ‘button’). Please continue to leave your feedback around the Desktop app here and we'll keep sharing it with our internal teams. Thanks!


@spliket, you have to hit cmd+ctrl+s to activate it. The way that Apple made the Touch Bar work requires that an app can only show specific Touch Bar UI when that app is in focus. As far as we know, so far there is no way to hijack the default music app button that gets added when Spotify is open.


My workflow now consists of the shortcut key, and then either "heart" to either save or remove a song from my music library; super easy and improves my library cleanup process in a huge way.


@matthewye I'm embarrassed to say I can't figure out how to reply to your question above, but the answer is that the Silico app provides track info on a clickable touchbar button.


But couldn't the track info be part of the existing slider bar for the sound?  Pressing it (vs. sliding) could be a button to bring up the specific track details...


The fact that you can't add in the now playing track info because it's not a button, is sad.


 Spotify Team you can make it a button, simply when pressing the track info bring up the artist's page on Spofity, or just a shortcut to the song location in the album/libary.


thats almost perfect! i cant believe apple is limiting the usefullness of this app by suggesting to not include non button things. this implementation would be PERFECT if only the track name was like overlaid behind the slider so i knew what was playing when im interacting with this slider. so close to perfect


Finding a way to integrate track info would be hugely useful. Spotify does a great job of bringing me new music, via the 'discover' and 'release radar' playlists, and it would be great to be able to glance down and see what track/artist I was being introduced to without having to bring up the app interface onscreen. 


If apple's guidelines block information-only components in the touch bar, fair enough -- but there have been a couple of good suggestions already. Making the text a button which takes you to the artist/track page is one approach, but I rather like the idea of integrating the track text into the scrubber (or whatever the track progress control is called) where it could be a subtle as necessary behind the playhead control. That way the play controls retain all of their current usability and precision, and you're adding additional information to an existing control (vs adding an info-only component with an interaction purely as a pretext).



Since updating to 10.14 iTunes is bound to the play button again even if Spotify is already open, background or fourground doesn't matter. Anyway I can "steel" it back from iTunes?


This upgrade was great, but the buttons are fixed, there's no option to rearrange them.

So I gave this idea: