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[Desktop] Please bring back "Discovered by...." playlist list when looking at artist profiles.

This was such a great way to discover playlists and similar artists based on the artist you are looking at.

I don't see any benefit of removing this feature.

But, the latest update as of now has it removed.


Before, you can go to an artist profile, under the "about section", the right side showed some playlists the artist is featured in (usually the top 5 playlists that this artist has the most plays from).


Please bring this back. Thanks.

Updated on 2021-07-07

Hey folks,


Thanks for coming to the Spotify Idea Exchange and voting to make this happen 🙂 


We're happy to announce that the Appears On feature is now available on Desktop. 


Once again, thanks for helping us make Spotify better, by participating here on the Community!


There is now "Fans Also Like" and "Discovered On" which serve the same purpose afaik. 


Yes, please bring this back! This feature was very valuable for me as a listener and as a curator of playlists.

Why is Spotify even removing such features? First the amount of listeners was removed, and now it’s totally removed. C’mon...


When I listen to a new song and explore new artists, I would usually navigate to their about section and find new playlists there which were curated by other users. This was by far the most efficient way to find new artists for me. I do not really understand why you had to remove this. I would appreciate so much if you could replace this function. Thank you.


I agree with the people here. I think besides the official Spotify playlists, we curators should also have the opportunity to present our playlists. Everyone has a unique playlist...


I would like this to be on mobile devices, too.


EDIT: I made a separate idea submission not knowing this one existed. It got merged with this one and below is what I had proposed, same idea.




This is a request to bring back the "Discovered On" feature from the old Spotify Desktop version. 


For those unaware, "Discovered On" was a section on every artist's page that showcased the top 5 playlists that the artist was discovered on. This included all playlists, both directly from Spotify and those curated by Spotify users.


Spotify, please bring this section back to Artist pages. It seems it has been replaced by the "Featuring (artist name)" section on artist pages which ONLY has Spotify playlists. Removing user curated playlists from here is a big blow to playlist curators such as myself and small artists.


As a playlist curator there is now no way for other users to find my playlist unless they use the search tool and look for it specifically. Having my playlist featured on artist pages allowed people who liked that artist to follow my playlist and find similar music, promoting community interaction. 


This feature is also very important for small artists, many who rely on landing on playlists to get discovered. If these user created playlists are not being discovered, these small artists suffer because it's much harder to make it onto a playlist curated by Spotify.


Please consider adding this feature back to Spotify.


This is my first time posting here and I'm not sure if this has been posted before but I saw a similar remark in a discussion thread about the new desktop UI.  


A major way I used to find new music was to browse the "appears on" playlists for various artists. Often these were playlists created by users. I was able to find new playlists and interact with other users with similar music taste. With the new update, there are only Spotify or artist created playlists, which are much less diverse and totally eliminate the opportunity for interaction. 


I would like to see the return of the user created playlists under the "appears on" playlists feature for artists. 



i agree. as someone who would sometimes have playlists show up on the “appears on” and finding people with the same music taste as me, it’s incredibly disheartening realizing the new update got rid of this feature. literally just joined the spotify community to bring up this issue!!


Please bring this back! I loved using this feature to find brilliant playlists that featured smaller artists that I liked. It was a great feature to discover new music, curators and playlists I would not have known to search for otherwise! 

Status changed to: Under Consideration

Updated on 2021-04-13

Hi folks,


Thanks for bringing this up and your +Votes.


"Discovered on" should be coming back soon. Take a look here for more info.


With the change of technology throughout the app we need to get this data in a different way, but the intention is to bring it back to Desktop, have it on web for the first time and give it more prominence.


Watch this space for more updates!