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[Desktop][Shows] Podcasts and Videos on Desktop

I'm really excited about the addition of podcasts on Spotify for mobile devices, but I wanted to listen to them on my work computer.  Do you have an estimate for when this will be available on the Desktop?

Updated on 2017-07-14

Hey folks! Starting with version 1.0.58, Desktop users will be able to find Podcast and Video in Your Library in the left navigation bar. 

Status changed to: Up for Votes
Updated: 2016-02-02

Marked as new idea.


This really needs to happen. Mobile first is really taking over, but this shouldn't be too far away.


Yes, I agree. I use my computer way more than my phone, so I think this would be pretty useful.


As someone who listens to Spotify all day at work on my laptop, I'd love to be able to listen to Podcasts too. No idea why I can't, yet. Can't be too hard to implement?


I'm honestly depressed it's not on the desktop version. I was super excited to see it on my phone and was praying this would take over for my podcast management. Please make this a desktop feature!


How is this not a thing...I don't really get why the rollouts have been spaced so far apart.  I can't believe this didn't come out on desktop the same time it did for Android Mobile.  It really isn't that intuitive to search or find podcasts on the mobile app.


I was so excited to discover today that most of my favorite podcasts have been added to Spotify since podcasts launched, but I was disheartened learning they are not available on the desktop app. Like many people, I listen to the desktop app while at work through my computer's headphones. Podcast availability on the desktop app is badly needed.


Like, ugh! It's been almost a year now!


I think there should be a mobile/ desktop cross-platform all-hands meeting to have a dialog around the fast tracking of incentivization of the envisioneering of a goal-oriented solution to this issue. Obv, their clients are in-market for the implementation of this app to be fully realized for this particular ecosystem. I'm not asking to boil-the-ocean nor should this be like nailing jello to a tree. Obv, this is a clear opportunity for synergistic optimization where they need to ramp up the engagement before they experience slippage. Spotify is clearly best in breed that just needs to take a high level view of the playground.


This is such a bummer. Now using Google Play Podcasts (on my desktop, which is where I spend most of time) and then switching over to Spotify (also on the desktop) when I want to listen to music.


The daily mental gymnastics done to justify to myself why I don't just switch to the former for everything are exhausting. 


I use spotify connect to broadcast from my phone to the desktop app. It works, I would still like to see podcasts available in the desktop version.