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[Discover Weekly] Prevent Duplicates in Discover Weekly Playlists

For the past month or so, I've had so many repeats of songs on my Discover Weekly playlist.  Now, I can count on 5-10 songs that I've had before on the playlist. 

Is there a way to mix up the algorithm?  Or maybe an option to eleminate songs that have been on the playlist before?

Updated on 2017-08-25

Hey @earthquakepanda you'll be happy to know the team behind Discover Weekly recently rolled out a fix for seeing duplicates in your DW. We're marking this as implemented, but if you continue to see duplicates please let us know. Thanks!

Status changed to: Up for Votes
Updated: 2016-07-28

Marked as New Idea and edited title to make it easier to find via search. This is a repost of the following inactive idea.


Good idea! Hearing songs you have aldready heard is not really 'Discovering' 😉


Preach! I loved Discover Weekly at first - it did exactly as promised - I discovered.


But the constant duplicates have ruined the magic. Sort it out!


Currently Discover Weekly is my favourite thing about Spotify, but it's getting boring very quickly because the same songs are appearing week after week.


No doubt it's my fault for not having eclectic taste in music, but here's where I think Spotify could improve its service:


  1. Change the algorithm so that if a song has appeared in a previous week's playlist, it does not reappear in subsequent weeks.
  2. Vary the songs that come up per artist, so that if the artist is the basis for the recommendation, then it's not the same song by that artist week after week.
  3. Vary the songs between the ones that come up in Discover Weekly and the ones that are chosen for the pre-made playlists (based e.g. in the 'mood' category). 

I would prefer that Spotify get it "wrong" more often (i.e. suggest to me music that I don't like or might not have been introduced to) but also vary it more often. I would prefer that to the current situation where the music that is suggested to me is close to my existing tastes, but is the same songs every week. 


Agreed - I LOVE(D) Disco Weekly, but i'm starting to get so many songs i've heard before, many of which don't reflect the kind of music i've listened to recently.  Any suggestions to change how Disco Weekly selects my taste in music?  


I have to agree and hope our opinion will count. I loved DW at first, but now about half of the songs delivered each week are repeats. I don't understand why more types of songs aren't included, even songs that I might not have considered listening to due to prejudice or ignorance. All of the tracks are in English despite the fact that 40% of the music I play is in other languages.


Discovery means trying all kinds of stuff, surely? I am finding Release Radar more of a treat these days.


Agree completely. Discover Weekly is one of my main reasons for having Spotify. I've had the same issue for about 3 months now and the average playlist is at least 50% repeated. 


This is so frustrating! Spotify, why haven't you addressed this issue that multiple people have posted about for 6 months?




Spotify keeps on adding songs that I already have in my library to my disover weekly playlist. I want to DISCOVER new songs in my disover weekly playlist. 


And I would love to see more variety in my discover weekly playlist. I think I can handle it. 


Spotify is ignoring our pleas for some reason, but maybe I have found out something that will help. It does seem that if you let a song play for less than 30 seconds and then skip to the next track, Spotify marks this as a thumbs down and the song does not appear again on DW. I started doing this a few weeks ago and it appears to be working. I would be interested to hear from others if they try this.