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Displaying album credits

I understand that including all album artwork is considered a premium feature, but at the same time, all people who participated in the making of an album should be credited for their work. Musicians, composers, producers, engineers and everybody involved - plus all the "special thanks" - people, deserve to be credited.


This could be implemented by simply displaying the album credits in text form, along with the original front album cover and tracklist. No lyrics, pictures or bonus features, just the credits. Not linking, but displaying the credits along with the album front cover + tracklist by default, in all versions of Spotify. The complete album artwork could still be a Spotify Premium-feature, with this approach.


This is not a feature for the listener - most people don't care much about songwriters or who plays bass on track five of this album, but from the perspective of the music creators, this is very important - their (ok, our) careers depend on these little things. Being associated with the music you've recorded (or written, engineered for et c) is still a very important part of building a career in this business.

Updated on 2018-02-05

Hey folks! We’re very excited to announce the launch of the first iteration of Spotify’s new songwriter credits feature.

Spotify users around the world can now view songwriter and producer credits for tracks on the desktop platform and on iOS. 

On desktop, simply right-click on a track and select “Show Credits” from the menu of options to view information on performers, songwriters and producers.


To read more about the information we're sharing please click here.

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I agree with the liner notes suggestion. I enjoy the 'overview' of the artist/band, but having the additional layer of the album liner notes is a necessary thing to fully appreciate an artist's individual works. Also, adding a PDF of those 'extra booklets' that many bands did would also be nice.

I really would love to see this happen.


I wish this were a feature on both Spotify and iTunes – particularly iTunes since you purchase the tracks. That said, the best and most complete site that I've found for album credits online is


I also agree with this feature, although I don't see the use in 'regular thanks' to for example friends. However, people who do have an impact on the sound of an album should be credited. This can be expanded to the following example:


People want to know who is the producer of an album. Maybe an even further idea is to make producers clickable so that you can see a 'producer page' with all albums/songs that this producer has produced.


One could expect to be able to see album and track credits when paying for the PREMIUM service!

Please Spotify - the least we could expect as customers was an official answer to this question.

To extend my Premium subscription beyond the first month I would like to have some indication from Spotify on upcoming upgrades and aimed for goals.

Thanks in advance.



Status changed to: Good idea, vote for it

Kudos. I'm always interested to see who's behind an album I'm listening to. Let's hope this happens soon.


Please, Spotify. This really seems like a no-brainer. 


Still hoping to find this feature soon, at least on the premium accounts.


Yes Please. I often want to know who's performing on the track or album, where it was recorded and who produced it among other things like date of record. Thanks