Make entire play queue editable

There's currently two queues in Spotify:


  • The editable queue. ("Queued tracks")
  • The locked queue. ("Next tracks")

If you press the Skjermbilde-2015-04-10-20.52.53.png queue button with tracks in both lists, you can see that these two queues follow each other. The editable queue always plays first.


The problem is having a locked queue at all.


You can't empty it without interrupting playback, and you'll have to use a workaround to do so. You can't reorder it or add or delete songs. After finishing the editable queue, Spotify always continues playback from the locked queue.


The workaround is starting playback at the very last item on a page. The locked queue will then have no further items. Then you can continue by purely using the queue right-click function instead of double-click or enter. This adds items to the editable queue. These tracks can then be reordered and deleted as you wish.


This UI behaviour is, however, not very user-friendly and quite frankly really annoying. It's also very unconventional having two queues in a music player. I've never seen any other software using either a dual-queue system or a locked queue system.


Here's a good implementation suggestion from user Styrke:



Google Play Music's queue system is really easy to understand and use. Just do what they do.


I can describe it by three (3) easy bullets:


  • Double clicking a song starts playing it and adds the rest of the list that the song came from to the queue. (The queue gets overwritten)
  • Right click one or more songs to add them to the top ("play next") or the bottom ("add to queue") of the queue.
  • Everything in the queue can be removed or rearranged by drag-and-drop



EDIT: I updated the terminology to match the new Spotify. Items are no longer yellow and white, but are now under separate headings and in the same color instead.

Updated: 2016-12-16

Hey everyone, now you can edit your Play Queue on your Desktop, Android and iOS device. You can add songs to 'Up Next', remove songs and clear the queue. Thanks for continuing to bring us great ideas!

Gig Goer

I discovered a bug related to this:


The next and previous buttons consequently gets greyed out when Spotify is done playing the permanent tracks in the play queue when there's still flexible tracks to be played. The hotkeys for next and previous track, Ctrl + Left and Ctrl + Right, also stops working. The only work-around is going to the play queue and double-clicking (or selecting with your keyboard) the next track.

Casual Listener

The only way I've found to clear my queue of tracks from search results is to skip through the whole list, which is a pain when I've accidentally queued a long list of tracks.


I really don't understand why these are treated differently from tracks I've queued manually. I like Spotify as a service, but as a music player it's a pretty dysmal effort.

Gig Goer
The bug I mentioned in my comment is fixed now.

My biggest pain point in Spotify, and possibly my only real complaint.  How Spotify handles this drives me nuts.  I either skip lots of songs or exit Spotify altogether and load it again.


Hey everyone, there is a really easy fix to getting rid of all those tracks from the search list that it automatically puts up there.  After you've got your queue set up with stuff you want to listen to, all that should be in yellow and it's the stuff in white that you want to get rid of.  Just search for a song that you know only has one search result, double click to play that then skip to the end and then there are no more search results to be added and it will start on a clean queue.  I don't know if it's the same for other OS's but I'm running windows 7.

Spotify Legend
Status changed to: Implemented


Hello folks,

We are going to mark this as "Under Consideration" since we have passed this idea along and our team is considering and evaluating now the best way to make it possible.

Watch this space for next updates!

Thanks a lot for your contribution and ideas 🙂


Agree, it really bugs me that i cannot edit the play queue properly on th eiPhone.

Casual Listener

Dear Spotify,


I really want to give you my money.  Premium looks great.  I love most of your features. 



I just can't get over how obnoxious the play queue is.  When I double click a song in the search results to play it, why do you think I also want to listen to everything else in the search results (i.e. I assume you think that's what I want, since you put it in the queue for me, and won't let me remove it)?  Sometimes I just want to listen to a song, and then after that I want you to shut up.  I don't want to listen to all the other stuff you put in the queue.  It's really quite annoying.  Would you mind backing off a little?  And maybe give me some control over it, like reordering and deleting?


Again, I really want you to have my money because the service is generally pretty swell.  I just need you to change before I accept you as you are.


KK Sweetcheeks?  Thanks.


Regardless of what is going to be the future of the Play Queue (play everything from a search, "clear queue" button, etc) I agree with schrinaw:


Make the queue behave as a playlist.


This way, I can reorder the songs (not possible now with the automatically added songs), delete, whatever. Sometimes I'm already listening to a queue and just want to add one new song before continuing with the rest of the queue, and that's not possible. I believe this might solve most of the gripes people have with the Play Queue, because regardless of how it behaves, the user can manage it however he/she prefers to.



This is at the moment the one and only topic, i wish to have really soon. Anyway ... great service, guys. This is one of the most usefull things i'd spend my money 🙂