Make entire play queue editable

There's currently two queues in Spotify:


  • The editable queue. ("Queued tracks")
  • The locked queue. ("Next tracks")

If you press the Skjermbilde-2015-04-10-20.52.53.png queue button with tracks in both lists, you can see that these two queues follow each other. The editable queue always plays first.


The problem is having a locked queue at all.


You can't empty it without interrupting playback, and you'll have to use a workaround to do so. You can't reorder it or add or delete songs. After finishing the editable queue, Spotify always continues playback from the locked queue.


The workaround is starting playback at the very last item on a page. The locked queue will then have no further items. Then you can continue by purely using the queue right-click function instead of double-click or enter. This adds items to the editable queue. These tracks can then be reordered and deleted as you wish.


This UI behaviour is, however, not very user-friendly and quite frankly really annoying. It's also very unconventional having two queues in a music player. I've never seen any other software using either a dual-queue system or a locked queue system.


Here's a good implementation suggestion from user Styrke:



Google Play Music's queue system is really easy to understand and use. Just do what they do.


I can describe it by three (3) easy bullets:


  • Double clicking a song starts playing it and adds the rest of the list that the song came from to the queue. (The queue gets overwritten)
  • Right click one or more songs to add them to the top ("play next") or the bottom ("add to queue") of the queue.
  • Everything in the queue can be removed or rearranged by drag-and-drop



EDIT: I updated the terminology to match the new Spotify. Items are no longer yellow and white, but are now under separate headings and in the same color instead.

Updated: 2016-12-16

Hey everyone, now you can edit your Play Queue on your Desktop, Android and iOS device. You can add songs to 'Up Next', remove songs and clear the queue. Thanks for continuing to bring us great ideas!


in the "Play Queue":

What is the difference between

1) music that is highlighted in "yellow", with a yellow-dot to the left of the description; and,

2) items, further down, that are in -white-colored font, (without a yellow dot)


This might be my top annoyance with Spotify. When I play a song from the search results, I do not want to hear its 158 remixes. Just queue the song I doubleclicked!

Casual Listener

Spotify: I really want to give you my money and get that premium subscription.  Seriously.  But I haven't yet, because of this play queue.  If the play queue stays as dumb as it is, I will switch to another player.  The clock is ticking.


An example of the stupidity:
Search my library for "submarine" (looking for Little Black Submarines by the Black Keys).  Double click to play.  Happy.  Good.  When that song is over, Yellow Submarine by the Beatles plays next.  Bad.  Dumb.  Not happy.  The only relation between those songs is the word "submarine" in the title - that doesn't mean I want to listen to the one after the other. 


The clock is ticking.


(This comment is likely excessive and superfluous)


Isn't it weird that you can unqueue things you added yourself but not songs that you did not add, but that Spotify added for you? That looks like it's the other way around. It's much more likely that one would want to delete something that one did not add, whereas songs that were deliberately added, are much less likely to be 'unwanted'...

Casual Listener

HEY SPOTIFY!  Knock it off and get this fixed!  This is exactly the sort of thing that results in you losing customers, which in turn results in you losing your entire business.  We are all sick of this!  I have not seen one positive reply from a single user regarding this issue, only negative ones.  Come to mention it I haven't even seen a single comment from you SPOTIFY!  You would think all of these concerns from valued customers might warrant a comment from you? 


Do you think it best to disregard and ignore your customers concerns?  Why have you not replied to this?  Or better yet provided a solution for these customers concerns?  I don't think it will be too long before your customers start disregarding and ignoring your service, just as you have ignored them.


I think I must admit that even with the 0.8.8 update which was pretty bad. This is possibly the worst issue with spotify. I have tried rdio and it's Play queue is so easy to manage (not to mention persistent across all devices) that it make the queue in spotify embarrassing. A look at any music manager (Media Monkey, Musicbee, WinAMP etc ) would show that any player shouldn't hold the user stop the user from rearranging/Deleting tracks to their liking


Partial solution to erase the whole queue:


a) make a playlist with just one track

b) right click on the playlist and play.

c) stop the track and delete it.

d) totally empty play queue!


..but it would be soooo much easier if you could just edit it.


It's not just about the play queue -- the entire area of the UI (user interface) for queuing and playing needs to be redesigned.


As often pointed out, putting the entire search results in the play queue because I choose to play ONE track is just stupid. I assume someone had some reason for doing this, perhaps intentionally playing more tracks. But it doesn't fit how I use the search results, and I have yet to see a single comment indicating it fits how anyone else uses search results.


I can queue a single track from the search results, which appears to solve the problem of playing a single track. But queuing one track doesn't clear the play queue! The result is a bizarre exhumation, after the track I wanted completes, of stuff that got added when I never had any interest in playing it.


All this reminds me of CDs which combine unrelated works. Just last night we listened to a CD of Brahms' Fourth Symphony. The genius who put it together also put Brahms' Tragic Overture on the same CD, just because there was space. OK, at least it's Brahms and it's symphonic, but we seldom want to listen to the two together, so I end up jumping up at the end of the symphony to stop the CD player.. At least with CDs there's the excuse of using the physical space, but I see no excuse for bringing similar behavior into the streaming world. Streaming is supposed to increase convenience, not retain the inconveniences of earlier media.


So whether the immediate issue is playing a single track, editing the play queue, removing a track from the play queue, selecting multiple tracks to play, etc ... the real issue is that the UI for playing and queuing needs a redesign from the bottom up.




I really love the playlist handling in Amarok. The current handling of the play queue in Spotify really vexes me. Couldn't you simply get some ideas from the Amarok team? They know how to do it.


Hope this will be implemented soon! I especially miss the ability to have Spotify stop playing after the current track – i.e., to delete everything in the play queue apart from the currently playing track.