[Mobile] Playlist Customization: Edit Cover and Caption

Status: Implemented

Updated on 2021-02-26

Hey folks,


Thanks for letting us know this is something you wanted to see.


You'll be happy to know that you can now edit your playlist covers and descriptions on mobile. There's more info here.


Once again, thanks for showing your support here in the Community and helping us make Spotify great 💚


Any update regarding this idea?

I agree. This would be much easier to customize our playlist cover and not going to desktop every single time I try to make a new playlist and change it. This would be a great idea. YES PLEASE. Thankyou


is there any progress being made on this?


3 years later and this still isn't possible?? Hey Spotify, we still want this...



I’ve been waiting for a whole year for this to happen😭😭 I still only use my iPad as my computer so I can never change the playlist picture


It's late into the year 2020 and you STILL can't change your playlist picture from mobile. 

Seriously? 😕 


This would be amazing to have, i just want my playlist to have a cute little theme! and honestly i feel like more people would sign up for spotify if this was a feature!


You can change your playlist cover and description on apple music much easier. I’m just gonna let that sink in. 


That sink can stay outside where it belongs, I'd rather get a root canal than an iPhone. I can change my playlist cover on my PC, this is just a matter of convenience.


Not everyone has a PC (nearby) anymore. Mobile apps with limited functionality shouldn't be a thing any longer. 

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