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[Music] Block / Hide / Blacklist Tracks or Artists

The Star feature should be complemented with a way to mark tracks as excluded. Those tracks would then be skipped even when included in the current playlist.
This way the enjoyment of a good album wouldn't be disrupted by tracks you don't like, while the album in its entirety can still be kept in the playlist.
The Anti-star can easily be implemented as a flipside to the regular star as they are mutually exclusive. Click the star once, the track becomes a favorite. Click again, the star icon changes to the anti-star and click a third time and either flag is gone.

A no-brainer to me.

Updated on 2020-05-13


Thanks for coming to the Community Idea Exchange.
We're marking this idea as 'Implemented'.

The option 'Don't play this artist' is now available on iOS and Android.

You can also find more info on hiding individual tracks from playlists or albums here.

If we have any information about this on other platforms in the future, we'll report back!

That's terrible. No ice cream for that kid!

Could you change that when i hide a song it will not appear again?


"Implemented" is not a very good description for the current solution. Until I never have to hear Katy Perry scream 'daisies' at me ever again, in any playlist, at any time, this is not 'implemented'.


I often don't want to completely blacklist an entire artist. In fact, I rarely ever want to do something so drastic. But even my favorite artists have a song or two I never ever want to hear again... (Do not interpret this to mean that Katy Perry is one of my favorite artists. I just desperately never want to hear Daisies again.)


Blocking a single song is one of Spotify's top requests in the forums, but it hasn't been prioritized by Spotify for a fix.

Instead, they require is to 'vote' for an issue to determine the priority for an issue. Please help us reach the 150 vote threshold by voting on the following issue:

It's frustrating that Spotify fails to listen to it's users and stonewalls our requests behind an arcane tool. I've been a Spotify user for years and only just found out about this voting tool today.


Need this for desktop. I don't listen to my phone at home!


It's 2021 and there still is no way of getting rid of a song for good.

I removed this song I hate so much from various playlists but now it played again in a song radio playlist. The way you "implemented" the feature is so half-assed and not what people were looking for.


In case you are wondering why people are unhappy with Spotify and your business results are below expectations: this is a good example. You don't listen to your users.


Seems like they removed the "hide artist/song" folder in the new mobile library thus making this feature useless to manage now.


Why is this classed an implemented when it's currently not available to either windows or android users? That's either deliberately misleading or deliberately misleading.


Is blocking a specific track rather than the whole artist a feature being looked at?


I just signed up for deezer. I only listen to my own lists on spotify because of their stupid algos anyway.