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[Music] Option to turn off automatic album radio after album finishes

After the last update on my Android, Spotify changed so that when an album ends, the album radio automatically begins instead of just going to silence. Tbh no idea how most people feel about this, but I usually listen to music by the album - it's important to me that the album ends as the artist intended. I don't want to it to just flow into other music. Especially since I don't really use the album radio feature to begin with. 


If this is something people want, there should at least be an option to turn it off. This is irritating enough I'd leave Spotify because of it. 

Updated: 2017-03-03

Hey folks. With Autoplay you don't ever have to stop the music. Once you reach the end of an album, playlist, or set of tracks, Spotify will automatically play a Radio station based on it. 


To see how to disable (or re-enable) this AutoPlay feature, click here. Thanks!

I treated this as a bug and got help from Spotify support (via @SpotifyCares on Twitter).
Brief version:
  • I created a new account to replace the Facebook-linked account I had, and Spotify transferred across all my music. I no longer get "radio based on" automatically playing after an album or playlist ends.
More details:
  • Spotify had an exclusivity deal with Facebook when I first joined. My preference was for a regular Spotify account with its own username and password, but that wasn't available at the time.
  • In my correspondence with @SpotifyCares, they treated it like a regular issue rather than a "feature", which suggests that if auto-play has been rolled out to a subset of users, the support team doesn't know about it.
  • None of their suggestions helped, including successive attempts to clear data, uninstall and reinstall, sometimes after them supposedly tweaking settings on my account. Auto-play did not occur on a test account they asked me to try.
  • I wondered whether this "feature" was specific to Facebook users. Since I never wanted a Facebook-associated account in the first place, I asked if I could switch.
  • They advised me to create a new Spotify account, which I did, and they then transferred my music across and deleted the old account.
  • Payment subscriptions don't transfer, so I upgraded my new account to Spotify Premium, and they credited this new account with enough extra time to cover the Spotify Premium period I'd already paid on my old account.
End result is that I'm happy, but I still think that both Spotify support and customers need more visibility of what's happening - i.e. who's affected, whether it's an intentional feature, and if so, how it can be enabled and disabled via settings.



It seems that a lot of people "enjoyed" this annoying "feature" since August 2016. I have this issue now just for 2 days and I am already really annoyed. This is so awful, I want an album to end if I have heard the last song. Or an audiobook to stop when it is finished. So far I have not found any real solution to that. I pay for the premium account to be flexible when and what I hear. Please fix this, otherwise I really think about deleting my Spotify account which until 2 days ago I really enjoyed 😞 But this is really ANNOYING!!


Phew, I just found the setting to turn it off!


Where is the setting to turn this irritating feature off?


Go to your library. In the upper right corner you will find a gear wheel. Click on it and you will come to the settings menu. There you can turn off autoplay. That's it.

Agreed! It went away for a little while, and now it's back again... Is it
too much to ask to just listen to an album on its own?

This "feature" screwed me over last night. I listen to music when I go to bed; have done since I was a kid. I put on a playlist that should have ended after two hours; instead, it didn't stop, started streaming music over wifi, and killed my battery. If I had not plugged my phone into my portable charger, I would not have had any battery left, and my alarm would not have gone off; I would have been late for work.


I'm annoyed, to say the least.


Agree. Data is money for me. Having subscribed for the download function - so I don't use data out and about - it's pretty irritating that Spotify can force an expense on me with no opt out. Will be thinking about using a different streamer.


There is a way to turn it off. See my post above.

Thanks Eldorado. I thought I'd read through all of the comments looking for a solution but obviously not. All sorted now.