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With all the social sending music features on spotify, an outbox to track what music I've sent and to who, would be a huge help. I'm always thinking how much a friend would love a song and then sending it to them, only to have them tell me, I have already sent them the song in the past.


Having a tracker on the outbox would also be useful, to see if they have listened to the song.


Perhaps having a feature of a notification if you try to send the same song to a friend twice or another message if they have heard the song in the past, even if you have never sent them it before.


The outbox request has been active on the old GetSatisfaction forum for over a year, so I think it's about time it got some serious attention on these new forums.


Thanks. Smiley Happy


I've never used the Spotify Inbox feature. It seems rather pointless when you can send someone a Facebook Message from within Spotify.


You mean Sent btw. An Outbox is a temporary repository whilst the message is being sent.


I have to agree.  Some Outbox/Sent box would be a great help!  I have having to ask someone "did I send this song to you already?"  Then after talking about  song I sent I have to ask "which song was that?"  It would be nice to be able to see what you've sent.


Along the same line, it would be nice to be able to reply to a sent song.  So, if I send a song to a friend with a comment, they can then reply back telling me how much they liked or hated the song.


I would like to see an Outbox for all sent music


i think this daily.


When I send songs and albums to friends, I want to hear back from them how they liked it and also be able to tell 'em how I liked their recommendations!! This seems like a no-brainer feature!


Tobinp617 - I've just moved your Idea over here, as it's the same principle. Personally, I'd love this too. 


How can I see music i've sent to other people?


Bkd - I've just moved your post over here, as it's a popular request. Just add a Kudos to the Idea.


I've been meaning to submit a request like this for months, and now that I've finally gotten around to it I see that it has already been requested.


Let's make this happen so that I can stop spamming people with the same songs!


I second "Maj", he keeps sending me Call Me Maybe over and over again!!!!!