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PS4 App

We don't want Sony Music Unlimited. We want a better music service like Spotify.


Make it happen.

Updated: 2015-03-30

We're excited to announce the Spotify app is available on PlayStation®4 system and PlayStation®3 system for all Spotify subscribers. Check out our support site and Blog for more information. We hope you enjoy it! 


+1 this. Considering the PS4 will be the heart of many media centers around the world, this sounds like a good idea.




PS4 to be released in 32 countries according to SCEA.

Spotify reaching and sharing World music other than just DubStep, EDM would expand Spotify and solidify their place as the music leader worldwide.

Go Spotify!  Find your place in the world and create a Console App on the only console that reaches 32 countries.  You could become the next big  App to rule all apps.



Anybody knows if the web player works in the PS4 web browser? That would be a pretty nice temporarly solution.


I just tried using spotify in the PS4 web browser and it is not currently supported.


YES PLEASE... Spotify + PS4 = Heaven

Do you really think Sony would allow a Spotify app on the PS4 when they have a similar service? C'mon...

There's a reason why you can't use the console to play media from pen-drives like you could on the PS3.. They want to force feed you their services.


Though I guess the Spotify Web Player could work with the PS4's Browser if it was made in HTML5. 




And/Or make web-player HTML5

Found this on google hoping there was already one in the way. Please makes one. I'm premium user.

Getting Spotify on the PS4 (and PS Vita) would break new grounds for Spotify. I spend a lot of time with my systems, and would be cool if I can route music through my surround sound. It would also be cool if it can be used for game audio if certain producers will allow it. I.E. playing BG music while playing Gran Turismo.


We REALLY REALLY need this to happen for Premium users!