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We don't want Sony Music Unlimited. We want a better music service like Spotify.


Make it happen.

Updated: 2015-03-30

We're excited to announce the Spotify app is available on PlayStation®4 system and PlayStation®3 system for all Spotify subscribers. Check out our support site and Blog for more information. We hope you enjoy it! 


I would love Spotify on PS4. At the moment I'm thinking that the PS4 was a bad choice but if it was possible to get Spotify working perfectly in the backgroubnd too; it would make it a worthwhile purchase.

Spotify for PS4 would be very much appreciated

I've been a Spotify premium member since around the same time the service started. You guys make listening to ANY music i want feel as painless as scrolling through my phone (non-existant). I have also had a PS3 through the entirety of its lifecycle and I'm a little heartbroken you couldn't have come to terms with Sony with regards to making some sort of app. Now the PS4 is upon us and one of its selling features is the abilty to use music while doing anything else. The only problems i could find when i got mine was that "Music Unlimited" is a buggy, Broken waste of time and that you guys still haven't found a way to reach into the gaming market. I know its a whole corperate thing involving paperwork and breifcases and contracts but you would be making a huge majority of your fanbase much happier. Along witth gaining more subscribers that you probably didn't have before.


I can't explain better than most here. Spotify + PS4 is a legendary combination. Please!


+1 this. I used to be a Spotify Premium Subscriber. This alone would bring me back! 🙂

This has got to happen especially to allow for in game music that would be so dam good
Yes please make it real I hate laggy Music Unlimited app for PS4

Spotify App for PS4 woud be great !! I already pay monthly for spotify, so just add it on like the phone app! PLEASE !!! 

Yessss pleaseeeee spotifyyyy

I'm surprised there are only 221 kudos for this post considering the massive numbers of Spotify users and PS4 owners.  Surely there is a bigger crossover than this!  Tell your friends!!!