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PS4 App

We don't want Sony Music Unlimited. We want a better music service like Spotify.


Make it happen.

Updated: 2015-03-30

We're excited to announce the Spotify app is available on PlayStation®4 system and PlayStation®3 system for all Spotify subscribers. Check out our support site and Blog for more information. We hope you enjoy it! 


This would benefit everyone. Existing premium customers get an even better deal, more ps4 users will sign up to premium, and more ps4s will be bought by music lovers when considering games consoles. There are no losers here. It is essential that it can run in the background of games though.



Just do it!



i hope, that app for ps4 will be a reality...




I don't know if it is Spotify or Sony holding back (maybe neither), but I'd personally really like to see Spotify support on the PS4. Even if it is only bluetooth pairing, so I can use the Spotify app on my iPhone.


Please, make it happen. 🙂


Great idea. I was actually looking for a Spotify app first thing after starting my new PS4. Would be so awesome to be able to play music straight from the PS4. This would also be great for Spotify as a company since more people would open their eyes and realize that Music Unlimited is crap, and spotify is the king of music players. 


Personally, i think it is only a matter of time before Spotify makes its way to the consoles. Conesoles being the new entertainment systems of the house and all, Spotify wouldnt want to miss out on it. I can just hope it comes sonner than later!


This would be heaven  on earth. But Sony is WAAAY too arrogant. They're scared of a little competetion. 


Hopefully they will make one for the PS4... Please make the app... 

Agreed but not just premium user's
Downloadn and use "Spotlite App" from the Windows 8 Store and go to "devices" in the "Charm Bar" and select play to "Xbox One"
+1, was looking on google for this. Should be a technical walk in the park. Commercially, I'm counting on Spotify's superior negotiation skills 🙂