[Playlists] Sorting Options for List of Playlists

I would love to be able to sort my playlists by Artists, then drill down by album so as not to clutter my Spotify. It's pretty hard to organize my playlists the current way. Any ideas on a future iteration that will enable this capability?

Updated on 2019-06-25

Hey folks,


Slight update to this idea, which we think is worth highlighting. With the recent update to Your Library on mobile, it's now possible to sort and filter your Playlists, Artists and Albums in more ways. 


To find the filters, just pull down on the tab you're on, select filters and then choose the one you'd like. The 'Custom Order' filter on the Playlist section will mirror the order you have on Desktop - which means it's now possible to maintain the way your organise your tunes on Desktop across to Mobile. 


We'd recommend checking out this Spotify Answer for tips on how to add playlist folders using the desktop app. They're super handy for keeping your music organized.


With the search function at the top it's also possible to drill down by Artist in your Album section. To do so, just pull down and type the name of the artist you're looking for. 


Will now mark this idea as Implemented.



Everyone that works there is in a yoga class or playing golf- they don't

I have two main questions. Why I can't create a new idea/why I can't post comment on a closed idea. And why I can't sort a playlist and that sorting to be available on every device. I have a playlist of nearly 800 songs and I sort them on my computer to be sorted last added to be on top and when I say to Google home to play my playlist it always starts from the first song ever added which is super annoying.


Seriously?  This is the single most annoying feature, or lack thereof, in your app. Everything else is great. Why would you put a sort feature, which is a relatively basic feature, on the back burner?

Casual Listener

What can't we organize the actual playlists?  This is crazy!  I have hundreds of them and they need to be organized but it looks like Spotify says NOT RIGHT NOW.  

The money I pay monthly for my families memberships, and NOT RIGHT NOW.  


It should be such an easy fix.




"It should be such an easy fix."

That assumes Spotify actually cares about its users.  Not much evidence of that as far as I can tell.


Why have you made it sooo hard to search artists alphabetically - its so stupid the new way the app works with no option to simply scroll down a list of artists - really dumb move


I have multiple playlist in one folder and it gets annoying to search for that one particular playlist if I'm unable to sort them. The reason I have multiple playlists is because I have a very diverse taste in music and this is one of the main reasons why I use spotify. But needing to search for a playlist by hand is a big step back in functionality for me.

Welcome to the responsive world of Spotify!


I too, have MANY MANY playlists (surpassed the crazy low Spotify limit of
album & song "saves" many years ago!)

The only way I've found to sort my folders (I make genres) and put the
playlists in some kind of order within (alpha or otherwise) is using the
desktop app to move/sort them.
(Same within playlists too - easier to move on desktop version).

Then they show up the way I want on my android app -
but if I do something on the app, I have to wait till I get on the desktop
version again.

As you can see by other comments, Spotify has seemed not to give a rip
about any of these sorting issues for *years*.
I don't expect that to change anytime soon.