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[Playstation][Podcasts] Video playback on the PS5

Could Spotify solve the problem of no video display for JRE on PS?? Many people use PS as their only in-house media player. This is for Netflix, YT and Spotify. Considering JRE's migration to Spotify next week, it will be crucial to all these users to be able to display the video content of the podcast on PlayStation as well..

Updated on 2023-06-20

Hey folks,


Thanks for coming to the Spotify Idea Exchange and voting to make this happen.


We're happy to announce that streaming video podcasts on PS5 consoles is now possible.


Once again, thanks for helping us make Spotify better, by participating here on the Community.


Its insane that they need votes. Gaming systems are the media hubs of most peoples home systems. Ill be pirating them from here on out.


Trying to watch Joe Rogan podcast on my ps4... Fix**bleep**.


If you're gonna make me break out the laptop to watch it, I might as well torrent the show. Cheers.


Here's the instructions on mobile with screenshots of the definitions and details of how they go through ideas submitted.






I found this page after googling to see what the problem with Spotify on ps4 was in relation to podcast video playback. It is absolutely insane this has not been addressed, especially with JRE being an exclusive now. I can't imagine the drop off of influence this will create for JRE, way to go. 


Adding another comment to attempt to make the thread larger/more likely to be seen, because, I too would really like to have the video going on the PlayStation Spotify app to watch and listen to the JRE podcast!


I believe in you, Spotify! YOU CAN DOIIITT!


We need video on PS4/5!


Hello Guys,


I am pretty frustrated, that this issue hasn't been resolved yet. I am not willing to watch it on my phone and since my television isn't smart, I am pretty disappointed, that we can't watch it on the playstation app.


How is it going? Tomorrow would be fine...


So, apparently you need 500 votes to get noticed. Honest question, are there even 500 active members on Spotify's forums? It seems like most people would be listening to music on their platform, not talking about listening to music, on their forum. I'm just going to email the JRE team and tell them that every single person that used to watch his podcast on their PS4/and now PS5, doesn't anymore, because Spotify completely dropped the ball on them.

Honestly, this should be far more concerning to Spotify, than Joe though, because he's made his money already. Spotify is losing out, pretty substantially I might add, with the PSN hosting as of last tally 113 million active user accounts. What kind of company has 100M to drop on a deal, and not even have a platform capable of playing the videos they bought the rights to?

Please, go hire a programmer to add the capability of playing mp4s to your app, then when a new file is uploaded, have it alert customers that want that option. I bet they could make it happen for a lot less than you've already paid your team for talking what to do about the problem.


Sapientsage - I have noticed a lot of people make a note about it on instagram comments (spotify video is not supported on ALL consoles - imagine that? That is very short sighted by them). I do try to comment and say go vote here,but we managed to scramble 67 votes only..sigh Also, I have panasonic tv which is not android based so it doesn't even have spotify app on tv.