[Podcasts] Adjust Audio Speed of Podcasts (1.5x or 2x)

I have just discovered podcasts in the Spotify mobile app and as an avid podast fan I'm delighted to finally see this feature!

I would love to be able to alter the speed of a podcast, to play at 1.5X or 2X the default speed as per the default apple podcast app I currently use.


As many podcasts I listen to are very long (up to 2 hours), until such time as the playback speed can be altered I will use the apple podcast app to listen to podcasts.



Updated on 2019-07-04

Hey folks! 


Thanks for adding your vote to this idea. 


Podcast speed controls should now be available across all devices. You can play at speeds of 0.5x, 0.8x, 1x, 1.5x, 2x and 3x. 


The desktop controls can be found in the bottom right corner and the controls on mobile can be found to the right of the play button, when you're playing a podcast. 




this is the make it or kill it feature.

at least for podcasts add the playback speed feature.



The fact that this has not yet been implemented is an incrimination of Spotify's lost focus on users. This is a CEO-level user experience issue. If Spotify still thought about itself as a growth business we wouldn't have even had time to ask for this - the post has been here since 2016??? If you have stock options in Spotify you may want to sell them to private equity because you're in a coalmine and this is a dead canary.


I think it's worth mentioning that this is a very common feature in podcast apps. If Spotify wants to be known as a place where people listen to podcasts (and it seems like they do), the ability to adjust playback speed isn't just nice to have. It's a requirement.


Yes, wouldn't even consider a podcast app without this functionality. I'd be happy with it just available in downloads rather than streaming - but be even more impressed if it was available on streaming.


Withouth this I cant use Spotify for podcasts... please implement. x1,25 is also a nice option. 


 Definitely needs to be included for podcasts. I will not listen to a podcast unless at least 1.5x speed. Would much rather use spotify and keep all audio in the one app but until then I need to use another app for podcasts

Status changed to: Not Right Now

Updated on 2017-11-09

Hey folks, thanks for bringing your feedback around podcasts to the Idea Exchange. We don't have plans to allow users to adjust the audio speed of podcasts at this time, but if this changes we'll let you know right here. We'll keep an eye on this idea should it continue to grow and get support. Thank you!

Thanks for the feedback.

If you don’t add it, you might as well stop advertising for Spotify as a place to listen to podacast (as you are doing right now). I am looking to change my podcast app (as the last version of Apple podcasts is horrendous) and wanted to try Spotify. But Spotify is a no go without this feature.

(As a side note this is an example of a “native digital company” that has seemingly stopped listening to users and are not able to see that if you want any market share for podcasts this is a make or break feature)

Podcast speed control is a no-brainer. Spotify is great for music but I cannot use it for Podcasts until speed control is implemented into the app. 


This is really important.