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Queue on iPad

The list of songs queued is possible to display on the iPhone app, but not on the iPad app, and it's really inconvenient since I use that feature very often.

Come on, Spotify. Please fix this!

Updated on 2017-07-07

Hello everyone. The Queue is now rolled back out on version 8.4.8. Thanks for your patience! Enjoy.

Status changed to: Implemented

There's nowhere you can see the queue list on iPad, indeed.

I mean, did they forget about it? The ability to queue songs is there, but the ability to see the queued tracks is missing, how odd!




I added an ipad to my devices ~ 4 weeks ago and the queue (Warteschlange - super Funktion!!)

is still missing in the app... I'm wondering a bit since this is nothing new and this feature appears still in my win7 laptop

PS: mistyped, my correct user name reads m_g_a_64. BR Michel

You're right. I've been using it for years and I really miss seeing what song are queued

The approach of adding a feature to a specific platform app of Spotify based upon kudos is ludicrous. Come on, most people use multiple devices these days. Having some coordination and coherence of functionality of Spotify aligned on the different apps is the responsibility of Spotify, not of the users of Spotify products. And I don't care if that is Agile or not, as a user you burden me with your poor development choices and as a user I am far from pleased. My iPhone, iPad and Mac app all work differently and have a different feature set.


Please and as soon as possible


I genuinely can't comprehend the fact that I have to support this to try and make it become a feature. Unbelievable.


Here's another one to back the idea. IMO it should be a feature, built in like it is within the iPhone-app. The only thing missing is the option to display the queue WHICH EXISTS since we are already able to add tracks to it.


I hope this bug (which it is in my opinion, the queue is a core-function to me) gets fixed soon, it's been bothering me for quite some time now. All the best!


This is crazy it was not implemented, it needs to be added ASAP.


26 Kudos, when can it be reviewed?