[Radio] Bring back Playlist Radio context menu option for everything

Official response from Spotify as of 4 Feb 2019:



Apologies, but the playlist radio context menu has been removed with our current update.

Spotify Customer Support


So there you have it.



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This is an intentional change by Spotify, so we need to make it heard that we want this feature back. Read on below.



 Let spotify know you want this feature back: go to https://support.spotify.com/us/contact-spotify-support/ > Other > I still need help and write to them



This is a request that Spotify undo their change over the last two weeks to remove the context-menu Playlist radio option from all their platforms.


It is NOT sufficient to link to "Where is Radio?" https://support.spotify.com/using_spotify/system_settings/why-am-i-seeing-different-features-than-my... - this is not a communications issue, or a learning curve issue.


We are asking very precisely that Spotify undo this change. Return the "Playlist radio" contextual option in all platforms. We further ask that it return for all objects, i.e all playlists (created by the user or other users), albums, artists etc. Basically: make it like it used to be.

The most obvious example is that the create radio playlist option is missing from the right-click context menu on Macos and Windows. But all platforms now make it more difficult to create radio playlists.

It disappeared for me on my Mac last week, Windows PC on Monday and Android yesterday.

Once you get the update, to create a radio station you now need to go to Radio > Create Radio Station, this will then open a sidebar which you can type the name of your playlist into using your keyboard which will then give you the option to create a radio station. So the feature is effectively buried.

I contacted support and they said:

At Spotify, we’re often testing and launching improvements and new features. When we’re testing, you may see something on the app your friend doesn’t, or get a new feature for only a temporary period. Let us know what you think over at our Community.

Seems like they are following an industry trend of removing features from their service to "reduce complexity". Looks like design bunker thinking to me.

I hope the option returns.

If it doesn't return, vote with your wallet. Youtube Music has playlist radio on everything and 1 month free trial: https://www.youtube.com/premium

Updated on 2019-03-20

Hey folks, 


The Radio feature should appear on the context menu of most albums, tracks and playlists. To access the menu, just right click on desktop or click the three dots on mobile. There you'll see the option to select 'Go to Song/Album/Playlist Radio'. 


As a heads up, there's been some recent changes to the way Radio works. You can check out the details of this here. It looks like the more recent comments on this thread are about these changes to Radio. There's a new idea about this specifically which you can add your vote to here.




I can't understand why they have done this, there doesn't seem to be one logical reason. I don't know about anyone else but I don't even have an option to 'create new station' so I have no access to radio anymore and to make it even worse all of my saved stations have been slowly vanishing, I now only have one left for some reason. 


I'm going back to Apple music until you revert all these 'improvements' and bring back radio how it used to be.


wth Spotify? 


Its one thing to stop letting me create new radio stations but now all my options to tune my old station are gone.  On Android and Windows 10, as soon as it gets for the end of my station list, I can't see any new songs queued and lost the vote buttons, and often just stops.  Regadless of my autoplay setting.


If I have to manually create playlists because Spotify won't let me tune my experience to my tastes, then Spotify has about as much value as windows media player playlist on my own music library.


Absolutely frustrated.  :( 



Casual Listener

I was just able to create a playlist radio on the mac desktop app!

Casual Listener
I was too! Great. But I can't figure out how to find the stations after I
create them. I used to be able to follow them and it'd appear in a list,
but these don't seem to.

Agreed with everything else I'm seeing in these responses, the song/artist/etc radio was almost the only feature from spotify I used, now the only radios I can create are just shitty playlists where I can't like/dislike songs. If this isn't fixed soon I will likely be switching to another music app as well.


I just signed up for Google Play Music for 30 days free.  Nothing to lose.


It has all the features I've loved from Spotify.  If Spotify doesn't deliver something similar of the radio stations, I found an equal replacement.  


I really could care less what they call it or make it work in the background.  Just keep the idea of tuning a radio station the same.


That is honestly my only complaint but is also the main feature that brought my money to Spotify.


Couldn't agree more. The removal of the Radio is huge for me. I will definitely be rethinking my music options. I did an update yesterday that took all of my old Radio Stations...Now I'm left with Radio Playlists! NOT HAPPY SPOTIFY!

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Rock Star 17

You got my vote.


An easy way to create and manage Radio Stations is such an evidence.

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Rising Star 13

Old radio function should come back. Not enjoying the new playlist radio feature.

Casual Listener

New radio is super unintuitive and annoying. I don't want my radio stations saved as playlists, and I want the ability to thumbs up/down.


So now I need to create a radio stations a playlist, go to the end of the playlist, and click next in order to save the station to "Stations." Then, I need to delete the radio playlist. Ridiculous process to create a station...needs to be fixed.